You’re in need of a perspective change.

I said this to at least 9 clients in the last six weeks. 

When we are afraid of taking a risk, failing, succeeding, looking stupid, upsetting friends and family….our ego’s come up with these assumptions that sound like facts. 

“Tiff I really want to start a podcast, but I know I’m so late the game and there are already millions of podcasts out there, and it would take a miracle for some unknown person like me to standout.”

I thought the same exact thing, eight years ago, six years ago, and then four years ago when I finally went for it. 

Yes there are a ton of podcasts, just as there are a ton of Instagram accounts, websites, make-up lines, TV Shows, coaches, fitness experts, lawyers, accountants, Realtors, doctors…. There’s typically a ton of everything when there’s a great opportunity to make money. 

But let me remind you that a majority of what is out there is either average or crap. There is a small percentage of GREAT, which is why there is always room for more, even a highly saturated space or industry. 

You may think you are starting late, but the facts show that you’re starting at a great time:

> 41% of Americans alone listen to podcasts monthly > look at all of the growth in this category that is still available!!!

> Monthly podcast listeners have grown 61.5% in the last 3 years > proof the market is growing fast!

>Each week, there are TEN MILLION more podcast listeners than Netflix account owners  (69 million).

People are craving real, fresh, uncensored, and vulnerable…they do care who it comes from as long as it speaks to them. 

If you want to learn how to start and grow a podcast from scratch, my Guest Andrea Ashley, Host of the popular Adult Child Podcast (@adultchildpod), and I are breaking it all down for you, from the logistics, to the marketing of it, to the equipment, and everything in between. 

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