The pressure to be perfect is killing people, are you’re part of the problem.

The perfectly organized bookshelf.

The perfect ab lines.

The perfect Instagram feed.

The perfect hair.

The perfect organic meals.

The perfectly cute children.

As we scroll our social media feeds, we are pumped with constant reminders of what we are lacking, what we could do better, and a general feeling of “I’m not enough.”

The average person spends over three hours a day on social media (double that for teens), no wonder why most of us are in a frenzy to do more.

Yet, we are also a big part of the problem.

Every time we edit a photo, use a filter, selectively show the clean parts of our homes, only show up online when we are in a great mood, and all glammed up, we are contributing to the ‘perfect is normal’ epidemic.

This issue is majorly visible in the fitness world, and now there’s one long time fitness cover model and competitor taking a stand. Jill Bunny is saying goodbye to her viral bikini photos for good, in order to take a stand against body perfectionism in the fitness industry.

Jill is a Fitness Strategist, Author, and Co-Founder of Reframe Your Biz.

You can connect with Jill at:

Instagram:  @fitbunnyjill

Website: jillbunny.com

4 Week CBT-Fit Course: https://cbtmeetsfitness.com/food-connection-course/

Book on Amazon: Link to Book

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