You’re focused on the gravy and not the turkey. 

This is one of the most costly mistakes I see from business owners, network marketers, and service-based professionals on repeat.

What I’m about to share with you isn’t to make you feel stupid or ashamed, quite frankly you are being marketed to all day long on the interwebs selling you the quick, fast, and easy gravy…it appeals to our fantasy brain of having what we desire right now with as little work as possible. 

You can have gallons of the best gravy in the world, but if you have nothing to put it on, WTF are you going to do with it?

So here’s how this analogy plays out with your business and bank account:

  • You buy courses and programs to teach you how to get 10K followers in 30 days using some special formula. 
  • You spend hours “researching” and creating Reels and TikToks, because that is what these online influencers keep telling you to do to make big money.
  • You change your prices, you create more offers, you even buy Facebook ads, and nothing feels like it’s catching.

Now you have spent the time, energy, and money…but have little to show for it except frustration. All gravy….no turkey.

The reason why none of them have been working on any grand scale is because you haven’t invested in building the core foundational layers of your business. All roads stem from and lead to your ideal client. If that person you are marketing to isn’t researched and understood on a deep emotional level, none of the gravy will matter. 

You wouldn’t want someone to skip foundational steps in a house you are having built for your family would you? So don’t allow yourself to do this with your business. 

Some of this foundational work isn’t as easy, sexy, and fun as the gravy….but, last time I checked it doesn’t feel fun to keep spending your time and money doing things that don’t make you cash right?

Today I’m breaking down for you how to successfully launch your programs and products…we will be focusing on the turkey, so you can finally cash in on all of your hard work. 

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