Anything that comes after these four words is a lie.

I hear these words from you guys multiple times a day… and I used to say and think them dozens of times a week my self.

“If I could just…”

IF I COULD JUST get my sh*t together.

IF I COULD JUST be more motivated.

IF I COULD JUST stop procrastinating.

IF I COULD JUST be more disciplined.

Because then what? Then you would actually follow through with the actions required to get what you want? I really believed that too!

If you’re being real honest with yourself, how long have you been saying these “If I could just” statements around your goals? My strong guess is…. It’s been so long you don’t even know.

This simple shift helped me get out of this limiting mind trap and dream killer:

Replace these statements you say and think with questions. “So, how can I better manage my tendency to procrastinate?” “How can I hold my self accountable to being more disciplined?” “What actions can I take to feel like I have my sh*t more together?”

In switching these from statements to questions, you will end up with something you can work with, an answer, some insight, a creative idea, and ah ha moment. Statements like these are a dead end…. Questions create forward thinking and inspire action.

There are four phases to making significant changes in your limiting behaviors, habits, and patterns. In this podcast episode, I’m going to help you understand these phases, and identify where you tend to sabotage yourself, so you can better set yourself up for success.

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