Time to burst your Facebook ad fantasy bubble before you waste your money.

You’re scrolling and come across a great Instagram ad from someone in a similar niche as you…you check out who this person is and see the “success” they seem to have…you then make the connection that, “maybe what I need to do is run Facebook ads to grow my business.”

After all how hard can it be? It looks like they just used a nice image, and wrote a catchy post.

I’ll be the first to tell you that Facebook ads are not easy, they used to be back in the day, but now you really must have a strong funnel strategy if want to see results and not waste you money.

Don’t fall for the fantasy that you can magically get hundreds of people buying your course, e-book, or free webinar just because you spend money on ads. This is where business owners end up wasting a ton of time and cash, then come to me wondering why it didn’t work, and it seems to work for everyone else. 

FACT ONE: If you don’t already have proof of concept with selling your product/service organically, don’t expect Facebook ads to magically save you. 

FACT TWO: There is a science and strategy behind running successful Facebook ad campaigns. Trying to do this FYA (From Your Ass) will end in you wasting cash. 

FACT THREE: There is no guarantee in advertising of any kind, even if you took out a TV ad during the Super Bowl. It is a gamble, and your goal is to make it a highly calculated one. 

Listen to this episode to determine if your business is ready for advertising, and what you must determine prior to spending any money on ads. 

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