One thing I wish someone told me before I started my first business.

It wasn’t all that long ago where I was grinding it out 12-14 hour a day, 6 and sometimes 7 days a week, trying desperately not to fail in my first business.

Yes, I was able to quit my corporate job in the pharmaceutical industry within six months, but I was terrified of having to go back and wear pants everyday, reading emails that start with, “I hope this message finds you well.”

“No fu*king Karen I’m not well, I’m trying to work my side hustle so I can quit and be free!!”

I was so focused on matching at least 80% of my base salary (I made a big chunk of my income on bonuses), and being able to quit, that I became solely focused on the money.

When we are primarily focused and motivated by money alone, it becomes a dangerous, mind-fu*king, high-pressure mess.

Let me know if you can relate…

  • You make some sales, get a new client, and you’re on top of the world…feeling UNSTOPPABLE, and will soon be on the cover of Forbes.
  • Then two weeks go by and not one sale, not one dollar is made, and now you start to panic, self-doubt comes in, and you either go into overdrive (which is what I did) or you get so overwhelmed that you become paralyzed and stop putting in any significant effort.

Don’t start a business just to make money, start a business to make a major impact on people’s lives.

When you are operating from service-based motivation versus money-based motivation, the journey is filled with more peace, flow, joy, and abundance. PLUS, you’ll be far less likely to give up.

People and purpose keep you going, when the money isn’t flowing.

Obviously, there is more than this one thing I wish someone told me and taught me in my early years of being an entrepreneur, and I’m going to share with you today the sh!t no one tell you!

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