Your desire for wanting more isn’t greed or selfishness; it’s a desire to live your most fulfilling life. 

Which by the way is your birthright. You don’t need to be MORE of anything to be worthy of having the best and getting it. 

This is wisdom that took me MAAAANY years to finally understand then MAAAAANY more to believe and embody. One of my Divinely Driven missions is to help you honor, own, and live your Most Exceptional life! (That’s what the ME stands for in ProjectME by the way.)

Do you find yourself dreaming up something BIG, but you get caught in a cycle of self-doubt and then end up taking little to no action?

That was me. I would worry about making everyone else in my life happy before myself, as that’s what I thought a great friend, partner, coach, employee, and daughter would do. 

I wanted more, and thought the problem was that I didn’t know what steps to take or how to make it happen. That’s crap, but I believed my feelings as facts (very dangerous).

Once we believe something is possible for us, we all find a way to make it happen. 

If you’re stuck in this dream-paralyzing loop…then it’s time for a change.

If your desire for more makes other people in your life uncomfortable, that’s THEIR problem, not yours 

Your life will only be as good, as fulfilling, and as abundant as you believe you deserve. If you’re trying to make yourself and your desires smaller to make other people feel comfortable, the only person who will pay the price is YOU. 

Your desires are within you for a reason, don’t let a single person (including you) dictate whether or not they are “practical,” “reasonable,” or “worth investing in.”

YOU make that CHOICE:

👉 Not your partner.
👉 Not your parents.
👉 Not the people on the internet.
👉 Not your boss.
👉 Not your kids.
👉 Not your inner bully.

There is no one that escapes life without having some childhood wounds, some of us have more than others to process and manage. 

If you grew up in a toxic or dysfunctional household like I did, there is a deeper reason why you get “stuck” and paralyzed with in-action so often. 

I’ve brought on Andrea Ashley, a former CPA turned podcast host of the breakout-hit show the “Adult Child Podcast”. We have an extremely raw and real conversation on how her professional and adult life is affected by growing up in an alcoholic home. She ended up turning to drugs herself to numb the pain, and now celebrates 13 years of sobriety. 

You can connect with Andrea here:

Adult Child Podcast:  www.adultchildpodcast.com

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