The dream-killing sentence that you have said at least once this week…

Most people assume that I never think or say this, but if you were behind the scenes of ProjectME and Casa Coach Tiff this last month, you would have heard me say it, scream it, and cry it during multiple meltdowns.

“Who am I to do this?”

or it may come out in some variety pack like…

“Who do I think I am?”

“Why would anyone listen to me?”

“Why would someone hire me when they could hire __________ (insert someone with more money, followers, magazine covers, testimonials)?”

That critical voice in our heads is nasty, and if you grew up with any form of trauma, abuse, or neglect like I did, that voice can rule your life if it isn’t managed on the daily.

Many of you may know that recently I made the biggest investment I’ve ever made into ProjectME with Tiffany Carter (maxed out my black Citibank card for the first time BIG!)…This will be a million dollar year for this second company of mine, and to take your dream to the next level requires doing WILDY uncomfortable sh*t!!!

That’s the catch with success….if you want what you say you want, then you’ve got to be willing to take risk (which is scary AF for this Virgo enneagram 6), invest money, do things before you’re ready, be scared AF, and show up REGARDLESS.

Your insecurities will pop up to the surface…. your self-doubts….your limiting beliefs…and that inner critical voice will get CRAZY LOUD. If you don’t have a support system in place, along with the tools to manage this stuff….YOU WILL QUIT.

I’m here to help be your “Fail-Safe” plan. Without one, you are without a doubt going to crash and burn. My job as your coach is to set you up for success, so you can more easily navigate the potholes, because they aren’t going anywhere.

Listen to this episode and hear first hand how to manage those self-doubts and that nasty comparisonitis, so you can bring your unique magic into the world.

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