If you want financial freedom versus getting rich, most of your fresh income needs to be passive.

Otherwise you end up being a slave to your business, which you created in order to have more freedom and flexibility in your schedule and life.

I know because this is what the first 7 years of my business felt like. Eventually, this lead to a major health crisis, which forced me to stop the presses, and have to learn an entirely new way of living and operating my business.

Fast-forward five years and now 70% of my fresh income is passive. Meaning, it requires very little regular effort to generate that income. 30% of my income is active, meaning I trade my time for money (ie. Coaching, speaking, sales training, podcasting).

This is freedom my Posse, and this is what I want so badly for all of you.

Let me teach you how to start incorporating passive income into your life and brand.

Remember it is one small step at a time. I started with investing an extra $200 a month into the stock market….then I started selling other people’s products as an affiliate marketer, then I added my own products, and it all has now compounded into dozens of streams of passive income flowing in each month.

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