It’s not the money you are after; it’s the freedom you believe it will bring you.

The dream is to make BIG money with as little effort as possible, doing something you love, that brings great meaning to your life and others….right???

You believe it’s possible because you read posts about how this this former housewife is now making millions on selling her special muffins; a burned out corporate employee now has a 7-figure business selling courses in her sleep; or a broke school teacher is now a mega fitness influencer who gets paid to post.

That boost of inspiration quickly turns into sinking discouragement and frustration, because you don’t know HOW TO GET THERE, and the end goal seems so far away.

This was the giant hole I saw in the business coaching and consulting space, no one was sharing the step-by-step detailed “HOW,” just a bunch of inspiration….that’s nice and all, but it won’t get you the results you desire.

The secret to the super rich, people with actual millions in the bank, are having many multiple income streams being build over time. Good news is this wealth-freedom strategy I’m teaching you is available to everyone, whether you are currently a broke-ass or an exhausted 6-figure earner.

I’m exposing the secret around making money while you sleep, this mysterious “passive income” term that is thrown around way too loosely. On this podcast episode, I’m going to lay down the truth and lies behind trading less of your time for MORE MONEY.

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