Aren’t you tired of it all???

Aren’t you exhausted by your own self-doubt?

Sick of the negative thoughts in your brain?

Way over scrolling and comparing yourself to Polly the Influencer?

Annoyed at the fact you keep toe dipping on your dreams instead of just doing that damn thing?

I pray you answered YES to these, because this level of frustration and discomfort will push you to stop messin’ around and go ALL IN on your dreams.  In fact, it’s required for anyone who I agree to coach privately.

Real change and action only occurs when we are uncomfortable, miserable, and discontent. Think about it, when was the last time you put a ton of time and energy into changing something when you were content?

After coaching thousands of you, I can confidently say, those who get the best results and make the most money, are the people who are in pain with where they are at, and say, “enough is enough already,” and go ALL IN regardless of the fear.

If you are in pain right now >>> it’s there for a reason….to light a fire under your butt to get you into ACTION.

I started my first business because I was so pissed off in my corporate career, as I kept getting passed up for promotions in my male dominated industry. I felt unfulfilled, defeated, exhausted, and resentful. Thank God! Otherwise I would have never been pushed to be crazy enough to start a business.

ProjectME with Tiffany Carter finally started (10 years after having the idea) because I was sick of watching all of these other people online start and grow their businesses, with me on stuck on the sidelines with fear. So I said “Fu*k It” and went ALL IN.

Spring applications are now open for my 2-month private business-coaching program. The link is in my bio on Instagram or go to my website  projectmewithtiffany.com/workwithme

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