What is your truth

After Bria Gadd discovered her truth, there was no turning back. Even if it changed her life, she knew she couldn’t go on unless she followed her truth. As a result, she decided to speak her truth. The journey wasn’t easy, but it led to a life she couldn’t have imagined.

It’s said that “the truth will set you free”, and this was true for Bria. However, sometimes we fail to understand the other side of this statement. Living a lie will lead to a life of stress, anxiety, and even death. Owning your real truth is in your best interest and the interest of those around you. Today, Bria shares with us how she went from feeling empty, stressed, and wishing for a medical diagnosis to living her best life. Despite the hard work, it was worth it.

You can live your truth or you can live for someone else’s happiness in the hope that it will make you happy as well. Living that way will never make you happy.

Your truth is the key

F’d up story

My biggest fear came true. 

Everyone made fun of me…talking behind my back and even my then-mentor told me I was making a huge mistake. 

To the point where I started to really doubt my life-changing decision. 

I took the leap of faith

I was going to quit my “fancy” corporate career in Pharmaceutical Sales to go ALL IN on my own business full-time. 

They said, “most entrepreneurs fail in the first year.”

“Why would you give up a career you worked so hard for?”

“It’s going to be hard to make this kind of money on your own”

“What are you going to do for health insurance?” 

I left during the BIG economic crash…so many people were projecting their fears on me, and maybe even innocently trying to protect me. 

But I had been side hustling for 6 months and I was covering my base expenses…PLUS I was tired of making other companies all of this money while following their rules. 

I was terrified and I left anyway. 

I didn’t have much support or a financial backup plan, and I left anyway. 

I had no idea how to run my own business, and I left anyway. 

Choosing our happiness and ourselves will often look insane to other people, even irresponsible…but they don’t have to live with the pain of us continuing to be unhappy and unfulfilled day after day after day. 

The person who needs their support the most is YOU. 

The person who needs to believe in you the most is YOU. 

This is why I named this brand ProjectME as YOU are the Most Exceptional project of your life. 

No one else is responsible for your happiness, well-being, success, and freedom other an YOU. 

Time to make your move, sis. 

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