What to post and where? Is sending most of you down the analysis paralysis path.

It’s like your brain freezes, and the more to try to think about what to say or write and in what format, the worse it gets.

You know I’m not going to tell you to stop over-thinking as that’s not going to happen (coming from a fellow over-thinker and over-analyzer).

Instead I’m going to give you a clear example of how you can take one topic and turn it into an IGTV, IG stories, a Reel, and a Live video.

First, pick an issue, frustration, or insecurity your ideal client is currently facing.

Here is the topic I’m using for today: What to do when you lose motivation for building your business.

Second, map out 4 versions of this training topic, which would be the most beneficial to showcase using the different video content options inside Instagram:

  1. IGTV- 3 Ways to Get Yourself Re-motivated Today (casual advice direct to camera)
  2. IG Stories- Showing you a quick thing I do to get re-motivated (this is more a show and tell…like showing yourself having a solo dance party to raise endorphins)
  3. IG Reel- A condensed version of your IGTV topic, sharing the “3 Ways” in 15 or 30 seconds. (be sure to showcase your fun personality here)
  4. IG Live- What to do When you’ve Lost Motivation for Your Business. (on a live you go more in depth, share your personal experience and how you got through it, plus take Q & A from people)

If the Content Monster has a strong hold on your brain, go and listen to this new podcast episode. I will break this all down much further, and give you some serious bonus content creation tips to save you time, aggravation, and brain pain.

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