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If you want to become more efficient and productive with your time, ask a Virgo.

With running a 7-figure business, a separate multiple-six figure brand, many investments, a nutty travel schedule, two rescue dogs, my high maintenance eyebrows, and my deep passion for sleep….I had to figure out a way to maximize each minute of my day in a way that didn’t feel like my life was controlling me.

So I became a task-batching master, and a self-negotiator.

You see I don’t enjoy doing anything that makes my brain hurt or that is unnecessarily hard. So for tasks that I dread, I always ask my self, “how can I make this easier, go faster, and be more enjoyable?” Amazing what happens when we ask ourselves great questions, we usually end up with fantastic answers.

I’ve put together my best tricks for getting more stuff done in less time; you can thank me after listening.

Let me start helping you right now, what is one task that takes up a bunch of your time that you absolutely dread?

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