Have you ever said this line?

“The market is saturated, there are so many people doing this already.”

Or how about this, “who is going to hire me as a coach or a service provider when I don’t even have a degree or a certification?”

I already know a majority of you have said and thought these things or I wouldn’t have put together this episode to help unscramble your crappy mindset.

Are there people out there more educated, more fit, more attractive, more well-spoken, and more talented than you…..YES! Last time I checked it is not a success requirement to be the absolute best in the entire world in every area of your life. If that was the case there would be no Oprah (struggles with food and weight issues), no Elon Musk (horrible public speaker), or Brene Brown (who teaches vulnerability and openly has a difficult time being vulnerable).

What is required is a belief in yourself that is greater than your doubts, perseverance to keep going for it even after you make many mistakes, and a support system to help you get back on track when you have veered off and are stuck in a ditch.

Listen to this episode and save it for when you are off course…I’m here to remind you that you do have everything it takes to get what you want.

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