You want to know how someone is super successful, take a look at his or her daily actions and habits. A millionaire is made one dollar and one decision at a time.

My friends and me get asked all the time, “how did you get so successful?” My answer is typically the same unless I’m in a really sassy mood. I say, “I do what 99% of people aren’t willing to do, and I do it even on the days that I don’t feel like it.”

I think people who ask this question are expecting some complex strategic answer, but the foundation really is that simple. The catch is, it’s a pain in the ass many days to do all of the things when you are tired, grouchy, overwhelmed, and over it.

So I brought on one of my long-time friends (I’ve known her since I was 14) and one of my most successful friends, to tell you exactly how she went from making literally nothing with zero sales to having an average of 140 million dollars in real estate sales every year.

Melissa Tucci is the number one realtor for Coldwell Banker in all of California. She is the official agent for the San Diego Padres. Melissa is regularly featured on the TV show, “The American Dream” as an Elite Specialist. Plus she has been recognized by The Wall Street Journal, as one of the Top100 Agents in the Nation.

You can connect with Melissa at:

Website:   melissatucci.com

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/melissa-goldstein-tucci-a652a58/

Facebook: facebook.com/MelissaGoldsteinTucci/

Twitter: twitter.com/melissagtucci

Instagram: instagram.com/officialpadresrealtor/

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