To have great success you must let go of the old you.

This is one of a few things I wish someone taught me earlier in life.

The person who got you to this point in your life today, can not and will not be the same person to take you to the next level in your story.

If you stay clinging onto to your old stuff with little to no willingness to let everything you know go…the climb to the top is going to be damn rough…in fact, pretty damn impossible.

The Tiffany who went from 17K a year to 100K a year is a very different Tiffany then the one who went from 100K/year to 350K/year. The Tiffany who went from there to multi-millionaire is almost unrecognizable, in a beautiful way (well not everyone likes her but ZFG).

You hear me say often that “like attracts like,” what you believe you are you attract more of into your life. If you want more or something different, you need to become an energetic match for that life, for that freedom, for the cash, for that passion, for that peace…

Here’s an example: Let’s say you have operated your adult life fighting for every single dollar to make ends meet. While this allowed you to survive, it’s preventing you from thriving, but it’s also all you ever known….and it’s what kinda sorta worked and paid the bills.

This same operating system will not get you to a life of making major cash doing something you love…the software simply will not work with this new game you want to play.

There’s a new way you must learn and embody to step into the next level money you want…it will feel scary, awkward, and even like BS initially…but what is your other plan to get what you want?

Letting go is required to attract next level abundance. Period.

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