A mark of a successful entrepreneur is someone who trusts her gut instinct over logic.

Imagine if some of the most famous innovators of all times listened to other people’s opinions and logic over their strong intuition. We wouldn’t have air travel, electric cars, or even the Internet!

When we get quiet enough to tap into our inner guide, and listen to that voice…our questions are answered, our confusion turns to clarity, sometimes we don’t love the answers as that means we have to take uncomfortable action.

I have spent most of my life ignoring and second-guessing my intuition, which made my life up until four years ago waaaaay harder and more chaotic than it needed to be. If I could time travel and send a message to that 11 year old little Tiffany, I would tell her that her instincts are never wrong even when people she trusts tells her that they are, I would tell her that she already has the answers and it’s safe to trust that guiding voice in her head.

Since I can’t time-travel, I’ll put these life lessons into a podcast to remind you that you can trust yourself, and your best life guide already resides within you.

Today, I want you to meet a friend of mine who followed her gut instinct over logic, over years of schooling, over a lifetime pursuing this goal, and over what her friends and family would think. Kate Taylor is a high profile fashion stylist and the Founder of Stylist School, an online teaching academy to train people on how to be a successful fashion stylist.

Kate worked as VP of Sales & Marketing for a clothing company – where she got to work as a fashion designer.  She learned the ins-and-outs of behind the scenes fashion…from styling to design to trade shows to fashion weeks. Through all of these career changes and opportunities, Kate realized that there was one common factor in all of them. What she loves the most is helping people truly discover their image and allow it to shine.

You can connect with Kate at:

Instagram: KateTaylorStylist


Website:  KateTaylorStylist.com

The second “Stylist School” will be starting the beginning of May 2019!! If you’re interested in having your dream of fashion turning into your career –  check out the info here: https://katetaylor.lpages.co/stylist-school/

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