Steps to Your New Reality

We often focus on the right things when it comes to creating our new reality. How can you show up on a bigger level in your life? Look for that person that can help you get to the next level. They can be your Google Maps when it comes to creating that life that you desire. 

Don’t waste any more time feeling blah, uninspired, and waking up every day in a state of worry because of your finances. It’s time to take charge and build that reality that you are desiring. Create a life that is even better than y ou could have every imagined. 

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How to create your new reality


Special message for you…

You know what you DON’T want to feel anymore > trapped in a career you hate, having no free time to even read a book, being limited on options because of finances, waking up every day feeling blah, doing the same uninspiring routine…

The frustration comes because you don’t know WHERE TO EVEN START?! What steps to take to create a better life for yourself? This only leaves you feeling more overwhelmed and hopeless. 

I remember everyone looked like they had their stuff together and life purpose figured out, meanwhile, I was stuck on Lost Island…willing to do the work, but having no clear guidance on where to even start!

Here’s what I wish someone that Tiffany back then >> Instead of worrying about finding your purpose, your calling….I want you to focus on SERVING a purpose, and then your purpose will serve you. 

The purpose of your life is to serve in a way that brings great joy to yourself and others…What are things you do for your family, friends, and co-workers, at your church that bring you great delight? (Not what simply what you’re good at, but what you’re good at AND love doing.)

Is it helping someone write a resume?

Is it a source of comfort and wisdom for people going through a tough time?

Is it giving people advice on workouts or eating better?

Don’t concern yourself with quitting or starting new professions. Instead, follow the path of your natural desires, talents, and passions with the full intention of bringing joy to yourself and others. 

Your life purpose doesn’t need to be clearly defined for you to have success. It is in the process of doing that we find our divine calling. 

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