You are permitted and worthy of making massive money doing something you love.

Somewhere along the way most of us learned that in order to make great money we had to just suck it up and get a serious “grown-up” job, or lucrative career in law or medicine.

This is one of the BIGGEST lies we were ever told, leading to a society of millions of miserable people working at soul-sucking jobs to pay the bills.

On average, we spend more than 5,525 days out of our lives working (that’s over 13 years BTW)! Imagine the positive impact if you spent those 5,525 days doing something you were passionate about instead of dealing with the dread and boredom.

For some inspiration and proof of concept, I bought on the co-founders of Jordan Road Jewelry. They are a mother-daughter duo, who decided to combine their love of travel and jewelry into an online business….and their passions have turned into profits.

On a chance trip to India to volunteer helping children, Emma and Jordanna encountered world-class craftsmen producing custom jewelry and soon after decided to start a line of their own. Having a love for travel they named the company Jordan Road after a street in one of their favorite cities, Hong Kong. They both went on to study at GIA, becoming Graduate Gemologists.  However, after seeing how hard it was to constantly travel back and forth to India, they began sourcing jewelry in the US, which ultimately led them to the line they offer today. Emma and Jordanna love the idea of creating jewelry that is effortless and can be worn everyday. Each piece can be mixed, matched, stacked or worn alone.

Along with the success of Jordan Road Jewelry, friends started inquiring about custom engagement rings. After completing a few rings and seeing how much we enjoyed the process (and how happy our clients were), it has now become a growing part of our business. Sourcing diamonds & creating one of a kind engagement rings is a path Jordan Road plans to continue on.

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You can check out Jordan Road Jewelry at:

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