You know what’s bullsh!t??

When people complain about not having the money, the friendships, the sex, the freedom, the body, and the life they want, but DON’T TAKE ANY real consistent action to get it.

I’m callin’ my self out too, as I’ve done it. Saying, “I’m not happy”….. this or that “needs to change,” and then not anything because I’m scared or don’t want my life disrupted.

Well Fu*k me sideways, staying in the unfulfilling and painful situation is already causing a life disruption, so we may as well have it going in a good direction, RIGHT?!

Ask yourself, is the discomfort I’m in right now greater than the discomfort of taking the risk and doing something different?

It may not be yet…but what this will show you is how “comfortable” you have gotten to be willing to sit in a life you aren’t fully excited to be in.

Then my next question to all of us is WHY? Why have we made it acceptable to tolerate anything less than great?

You wouldn’t want anything less than great for your kids, so why are there different standards for you love?

At a time when I needed it most, my coach introduced me to her coach…after only a short time of watching her Instagram (@msstarmonroe), I knew the two us needed to have a chat that the would could hear.


Ms. Star Monroe is a Psychotherapist and Master Life Coach. She shows women how to unleash their true selves that have been hidden away and buried for their entire lives. This is the expert you want to hire, if you need help getting your groove back and then some. Star is making a point of showing the world that middle age is not only sexy, but the best time of your life.

Instagram: @MsStarMonroe

Website:  msstarmonroe.com

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