Time to get your content converting into clients and cash.

That is unless the hours you spend writing posts, emails, and articles is a JOBBY (an expensive hobby) and not intended to be money-generating business.

There are four key elements of high cash-converting content:

  1. Emotional connection. Your writing must pull at the heart and soul of your ideal client. What she desires, admires, dreams of, longs for, is scared of, secretly hates, keeps her up at night, and so on.
  2. Your writing must show your ideal client that you “get” her. You understand her unique life, her issues, her drama, her crazy brain, her struggles, her doubts, etc…
  3. Your writing must share some kind of a solution to the issue you are targeting. Something to help her get from her current state to her core desired emotional state. This can be as simple as a key mindset shift you made, or the reason why you created your new12-week transformation program to take her from ___________ to ____________.
  4. Call to action. Your writing must include a clear action you want your ideal client to take. This should be simple and straightforward. If you don’t tell people exactly what to do, they will do NOTHING.

Be sure to listen to this episode to learn the two key reasons why your content isn’t converting into cash. 95% of small business owners make these mistakes, and then wonder why none of their online marketing efforts end up generating any clients or cash.

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