How to align your energy with your 2020 goals…

The most important and priceless resource you have is your energy. As I always say, personalities can be faked, but energy cannot.

If your energy is out of alignment with your 2020 goals, they will not manifest into reality no matter how hard you work at it or how much money you throw at it. Believe me, Tiffany 1.0 tried it doesn’t work.

Here’s how you know if your energy is out of alignment with your vision: if your body are mind are tense, stressed, or anxious anytime you think, speak, or take action towards your goal…you my friend need an energy adjustment.

Our bodies never lie…our Ego’s do.

Sometimes we think we want something but it’s not our true soul calling. We get conditioned by society, our gender, money, and the media, to do certain things by certain ages and in a certain way…it’s important that we tap into our bodies and our intuition, as this is where the truth lies.

To get that energy flowing towards our greatest good is a daily practice. I need you to establish a morning routine for 2020. An easy way to create one is to ask yourself, what would the person who already has what you desire do every morning? Would they pray, would they write, would they exercise, meditate, draw, listen to music, have creative time, etc…Now create a version of this. Yes I know it’s not all possible right this minute, but a version of it is. There is always a creative way.

For next level energy flowing, I brought on an Elite Energy Guide and Empathic Healer to today’s podcast. Miss Jordan’s specialty is connecting you to the highest version of yourself led by the truth of your soul.

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