Want to be in Forbes and featured on TV? But you think that you have to be some Insta-famous millionaire to be deemed worthy of press?

This is not true. It’s far easier to get quality press for your business than most people realize.

How do I know? For one, I was the press. I’m a former NBC and CBS TV Newscaster, and many of my long-time friends are still in the “news biz,” as we call it.

Yes, it was a no-brainer to put a famous actor or a politician on TV, but it was also a no-brainer to share a highly engaging news story, which we knew our audience would appreciate.

I’ve interviewed stay at home moms, many small business owners, self-published authors, and people who could barely pay their bills.

You’re now wondering, “how do I get these press opportunities?”

  1. You have to create them. No reporter or writer is going to come to you unless you are already an established expert out in the public eye.
  2. You must create a sexy sellable storyline to pitch. It must be timely, different, and be beneficial to their target audience. (P.S. this is something I help my private clients create if they want press)
  3. You need to pitch your story to media outlets that are in alignment with your niche. (ie. Don’t pitch a top parenting magazine/blog if you aren’t a parent)

To teach you exactly how to get your own press, I brought on Nicole Myden, a long-time public relations specialist, and founder of The PR Concierge, a publicity-consulting agency for purpose-driven entrepreneurs.

You can connect with Nicole at:

Instagram: @nicolemyden or @thePRconcierge

Email: nicole@thePRconcierge.com

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