Go neck deep or don’t bother.

In entrepreneurship you don’t get to feel safe and comfortable while growing your business. If you are feeling safe and comfortable than you aren’t growing at all.

Believe me as an abuse and sexual assault survivor, I love feeling safe and certain. Therefor, when I first started my business I tried to do it the “safe” way, and while yes I made good money, my business wasn’t growing to meet my goals.

It took me five long years before I hired a coach, as that was scary to me. One of the first things my coach said to me way, “ok if you want me to take you on as a client, you must commit to yourself and me that you are done with playing it safe.”

My throat instantly tightened and when I swallowed it sounded like a GULP echoing through a canyon. I knew he was right. I still wasn’t ready, but I knew if I wanted something different I had to be willing to do something different. So I jumped in neck deep.

This taught me how to operate in fear, versus freeze in fear. I was terrified some days and even weeks, but I kept inching forward. I had the support of my coach so I didn’t feel alone in the deep end of the water, but I didn’t feel comfortable either.

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