You might not like what I have to say about this, but it’s something you need to hear.

My job is to teach, show, and share with you the things you need to hear and know, which aren’t necessarily the things you want to hear.

It’s worth it to me if I trigger you, if that ends up being the catalyst for change and real action in your life. (BTW…this is what real support looks like)

>>>The reason you aren’t attracting more of what you desire in your life, is because you have a fantasyland conception, and spiritual immaturity around manifestation and the Law of Attraction.

This isn’t your fault. Most manifestation coaches I see online focus on creating vision boards, pulling cards, journaling, and rubbing crystals. Don’t get me wrong, I love all that shit…but that’s not what’s at the core of being a POWERFUL MANIFESTOR or a “Super Attractor,” as my favorite modern manifestation teacher, Gabrielle Bernstein, calls it.

Millions of books and courses are sold with titles like, “Manifest 3k in 30 days,” which I get the sexy marketing side of it, but it gives the illusion you can take a short cut and spiritually bypass becoming a “Super Attractor.”

Yes you may have some quick abundance, “energetic evidence,” as I call it, but what I want for you is to learn how to stay in the POWERFUL MANIFESTOR state as often and long as possible, plus learn to get back into that energy when you slip out of it (which you will, as we are only human).

“Begin to measure your spiritual maturity not on how easy your life is, but on how easy you are on yourself when things go awry.” (Gabrielle Bernstein, “Super Attractor,” her latest book)

You are reading this for a reason, it’s because you were suppose to, the Universe has called you to learn how to align your core-being, with the POWERFUL MANIFESTOR and “Super Attractor” energy.

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