For the first 6 months of the year, she made NOTHING and was ready to give up. 

Pouring dozens of hours into posting content, creating freebies, sending emails, painstakingly editing Reels, buying courses, even joining high-ticket group coaching programs…. Still 6 months later, NOT ONE DANG DOLLAR to show for all of that work. 

While mindlessly scrolling to escape her feelings of defeat and frustration, she came across one of my videos…and something told her “that she had to reach out to this woman.” 

Despite being at rock bottom, she chose to listen to her intuition. I mean what did she have to lose? Maybe that I wouldn’t reply.

She humbly shared her current situation with the coaching business she so badly wanted to be successful (helping woman overcome low self-worth).

As most people do when they DM me, she apologized for “dumping all of this on me…but had a feeling I could help her.”

I had her apply for my private 2- month business-coaching program so I could make absolutely certain that I was the best person to get her the real results she’s been trying desperately to get for 6 months now. 

After 10 minutes….I immediately saw the holes in her business, and I knew what needed to be done to fill them. 

But she had to take a GIANT scary leap of faith as getting my direct help would require her to invest more than she ever has into her business. 

Truly she had no other plan, other than continue to use “I hope this works this time” as her strategy (which isn’t one BTW). 

>She took the risk. 

>She followed through and did the work.

>She remained humble, open, and willing when the extreme fear popped up.

>She chose to trust me, herself, and the Universe, when nothing seemed to be working even after 5 weeks with me. 

Her final number for 2021 was $107.050.00 all made in the last 4.5 months of the year. More than she has ever made in her life. 

Remember just because it’s going a certain way right now, doesn’t mean it has to end up that way. 

It’s a matter of what wildly scary and different actions are you going to take to get the results you desire?

TODAY IS THE ABSOLUTE LAST CHANCE…..to learn step-by-step how to cash-in online with your business, your passion, or you area of expertise. 

This is not your typical “information” based course, this is a transformation-focused program…designed to get FRESH CASH AND CLIENTS flowing into your business consistently. 

Selling with Soul™ is the exact program you need to grow your business and bank account this year! My zero-fluff direct teaching style will cut through that overwhelmed brain of yours, and clearly show you step-by-step what you need to focus on to significantly move the needle in your business, without burning yourself out.   

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*** Private Coaching Application Link is on my website under “Work with Me” projectmewithtiffany.com

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