Whenever you feel like life gets in the way and you want to make changes because nothing is going your way, do this exercise to shift out of those feelings. The longer you allow yourself to be in feelings of unworthiness, shame, and depression, the harder it is to shift your perspective. Honestly, we’ve all been there.  

Recently I got stuck in “not enoughness” 

For weeks, I got so fixed on everything that I don’t have, that I haven’t accomplished, stuff that still needs to be done…I was riddled with anxiety of feeling totally behind and time was going too fast for me to catch up. 

  • “By now I should have 50 million downloads on my podcast.”
  • “What is wrong with you, why isn’t your book finished yet?!”
  • “You still haven’t gotten ____done what is wrong with you?”

You get the drift…maybe you’re beating yourself up right now too. 

This is a clear sign that you are not living in the present, in the NOW.

Psychologists say living in the anxiety of future causes and living in the past causes depression. I can attest to this!!!!

By beating ourselves up, we are abandoning our growth. We are abandoning God, the Universe, Spirit. 

We are abandoning all that we have been given and all that we have co-created in this lifetime. 

When we acknowledge and celebrate what we have, we receive more of it. 

When we discount and abandoned what we have, we repel more of it. 

Let me walk you through this in real-time, so you can recalibrate back into the abundant you. 

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