One of my biggest mistakes that I’ve made several times over again!

Isn’t there a saying about how you only should make a mistake one time if you learn your lesson? Well, let’s just say, I can be an overly stubborn perfectionistic control-freak at times.  Anyone else?

More than a few times now in the last 13 years of being an entrepreneur, I have resisted and resisted hiring someone, to the point where I’ve lost tons of time, energy and money, trying to figure sh!t out that I could have just paid for someone to do.

My long-time business coach has said to me about millions times, “always hire before you ready, and before you think you need to.”

If you are feeling overwhelmed overworked in building your business it’s time to hire some help, even if it’s a virtual assistant for 3 hours a week.

If you’ve spent an ungodly amount of time doing deep Google and YouTube research, or trying to reverse engineer what other successful online bosses are doing, you are officially overdue for hiring help. Congratulations!!!!

Here’s a quick way to determine, what you should get help with first:

  1. What tasks in your business are sucking the most time and energy from you?
  2. What do you hate doing? (even if you are kinda good at it)
  3. What tasks have you been avoiding, but you know you need to do them?
  4. What specifically is preventing you from showing up consistently for your business?

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