Are you SHOULDING all over yourself?

“Should I do _______?” or should I do ________?” is responsible for hours of lost sleep, anxiety, ruined manicures, and inaction.

Staying in a space of indecisiveness will keep you stuck, and everyday you stay in it is another day further away from your dream life.

Indecision is form of fear in disguise. It’s like being in a rocking chair, your mind is moving but you aren’t going to get anywhere. Hence the term “analysis paralysis.”

As a hard-core Virgo, Enneagram 6, INFJ, I’m a natural over-analyzer. I want to have back-up plans for the back-up plans. If I stay in this state for too long, it ends up consuming me and causes mental burnout. Can any of you relate?

To shake me out that state, I first have to catch my self in it. So I want you to do a daily check in (it takes 15 seconds) and acknowledge anything you have been chewing over in your mind, whether it’s personal or professional.

Next, I want you to write down the thing or things that have been taking up space in your brain. Across from each thing answer this question: What would the highest most abundant version of my self do?

WARNING!!! The answers may scare you, as once we have the answers, we can no longer can use the “I’m not sure what to do” or “I’m so torn,” excuses for our inaction.

I want you to hear from someone who recently made a huge career shift and how she came to that decision. Her story will help you gain the clarity your crave.

Kristen Crowley is TV personality, fitness cover model, and Founder of WELLFITsocial. For the first time in her life she is an entrepreneur versus an employee.

Excited for all of you over-analyzers in the Posse to hear this episode.

Connect with Kristen:

Instagram:  instagram.com/kristencrowleytv

YouTube:  youtube.com/channel/UC4vcJwe4Vno830vPe6JXctw

Website: kristencrowley.com

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