Is your brain in a spin-cycle of information overload?

Knowing where to focus your time, energy and money in the early stages of growing your business to consistent ten thousand dollar months, can be a mega mind-fu*k!

You follow Boss Babe Influencer Tina, and she tells you, you need to have a podcast and focus on growing your email list, plus create a course!

Then… you’re in a group-coaching program, and the coach tells you to focus on giving free content, starting a Pinterest page, and going live everyday!!!!

“AAAAAAAHHHHH….I can’t do all the things all at once Tiffany! There’s only one of me!!!”

No you can’t do all the things, and NEWSFLASH it isn’t necessary to get you to consistent 10K months.

What I’m sharing with you in today’s new podcast episode isn’t sexy and may annoy you, but it’s EXACTLY what you need to do…for starters:

  1. Put your blinders on and stop devouring more information! You don’t need more intel, you need to get into action. Learning doesn’t count as an income generating activity. So don’t let your ego trick you into thinking it is. It feels safe to be the student; it’s far scarier to put yourself out there into massive action.
  2. Only focus on two main lead generators. Pour your heart, soul, and energy into creating top-notch, high vibe on brand content, and serve your people. Stop trying to be on all the things. You can try…but you aren’t doing any of them well…hence why none of them are really working well for you.

Go listen to the episode for further instruction. It’s time to stop that mental spin cycle and soak in the cash.

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