Why I’ve decided to increase my prices this year.

Determining the prices for your services and products brings up a ton of resistance; this is 100% normal.

Basically this is an exercise in self-worth.

Yes, there is strategy around pricing that I teach, but ultimately it comes down to what you believe your intellectual property, your talent, your quality, your time, your effort, and your energy are worth to the world.


How I look at pricing is a bit different from the norm, I know big shocker.

I take an assessment of all the things I mentioned above (external inventory), but I also take an internal inventory. Noticing how I feel about my schedule, am I left depilated at the end of the day?

Observing how I feel when I’m pouring into my clients, am I left feeling resentful for all that I’ve been giving, sharing, guiding, and creating? Or, is there a fair exchange of receiving happening in return?

>>> If your energy is being depleted because you’re not taking a close internal inventory, everyone suffers, and eventually so will your business and bank account.

In this episode, I go into this sensitive pricing topic more deeply, so you can uncover the perfect prices for you and your ideal clients in the New Year. Maybe nothing will change, but I have a hunch they will 😉

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