If you want to get rich you must focus on a niche.

You have probably heard the term “niche” thrown around a lot on in the digital marketing space, and all of the successful people you follow talk about it but you are still left feeling confused…“what the heck is this niche thing and how do I apply it to my business?”

Don’t worry girl, I’ve got you (with an analogy of course).

Here the deal…if you go fishing in the ocean with the goal of catching any kind of fish, you will likely not catch anything or you will end up with a piece of trash on the line (literally, given how polluted our water is).

BUUUUT if you go fishing with the goal of catching lets say a blue marlin (a giant gorgeous fish), you would research how to do it, ask a pro who has caught many, get the right gear, rent the right boat, use the best bait possible to increases your chances, and go into the right part of the ocean at the prime time of year.

See the difference?

If you are currently going after ANY clients or customers, because you want to help everyone and don’t want to leave anyone out, you will for sure end up making little money and helping very few people (if any). Sound familiar?

On this episode I will help you get clear on niching your business, so you can actually achieve all that you desire.

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