Share Your Talents with the World!

We are born with special gifts. Some people have a natural talent for sports, for singing, for drawing, for making people laugh, for science, and so on. Once those gifts are discovered it’s up to us to embrace them, refine them, and share them with the world.
Sadly many of us have had our gifts buried and squashed, as our very gifts and talents threatened those around us. As children there isn’t anything we could of done differently. As adults, we can. We can open up and allow our gifts shine in the bright lite for the world to see. It may be hard at first as self-doubt and low self-worth can creep in, but I’m here to remind you that your higher self knows the truth. You know what your gifts are just as you are aware of your weaknesses.
To keep those beautiful gifts from God sealed away or dimmed, shows the universe that you are ungrateful for those gifts. You were given these talents for a reason. Imagine if people like @thisisbillgates, @elonmusk, @tonyrobbins, @louise_hay_affirmations, Albert Einstein, and the Wright brothers kept their gifts locked away 🤔. Your gifts are just as valuable and needed as theirs.
I have a gift for communicating, public speaking, educating, and mentoring. Would the world notice if I kept those talents locked away, NO. But keeping them in the dark doesn’t serve the world, and we are here to serve, support, and slay!

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