Use This Mantra To Manifest Success!

Even if you don’t fully believe this is possible for you yet, say it anyway. Act as if you believe it. Imagine what it would feel like to have the Exceptional life you desire and deserve. You have NOTHING to lose by embracing these mantras I provide you. They are a tool to manifest the life you crave. Trust me, you have a lot to lose by not being open to new ways and new ideas.
I know the Universe will provide you with an amazing life, filled with abundance and joy, as long as you are 100% in and willing to be on the ride. I didn’t believe in most of the mantras I read, but as@louise_hay_affirmations teaches, you do it anyway, and overtime, you will. She was soooooo right.
Through my podcast, ProjectME the Podcast with Tiffany Carter you will get to hear my story on Mantras and how I thought they were cheesy to now knowing they are necessary for success!

Wealth Tips with Tiff: With Great Wealth Comes Great Responsibility

I believe with great wealth comes great responsibility. Not only is it important to share wealth in its physical form (money), but to share the wealth of knowledge I’ve absorbed on my journey to success. Every Wednesday, I’ll be sharing nuggets of wisdom with all of you. Everything from money making tips, to money saving techniques, to my BIG money “no no’s.”

1. Make your money work for you. Take 20% of whatever is in your bank account and put it work. Dedicate that money to a financial investment account (ie. Stock portfolio); put that money towards personal development ( courses, classes, masterminds, mentors, massages). Both of these avenues will add to your wealth, whether you are investing in stocks or yourself. The key here is to dedicate a set amount each quarter, whatever fits best with your life. For me, I follow the 20% rule.

2. Affiliate and/or residual income. Take an inventory of what products and brands you buy regularly. Then research how you can help get those purchases paid for through the company’s affiliate marketing program or create residual income. Not all companies do this, but I assure you there are companies that sell the same stuff that you buy, that do. For example, I’m into health and fitness. So I buy and use high grade superfood vitamins, protein shakes, green drinks, and bars regularly. I researched and decided to partner with @isagenix as they have a great program to get your products paid for each month. So whether you are an @amazon addict or are obsessed with skincare @dermstore, you can get your purchases paid for with little effort. For me this adds up to $350 a month! You would be surprised how quickly green drinks and vitamins add up.

So if you want help in setting this up, DM me. I’m happy to show you exactly how I set up my system to pay for my health habit.

Wishing you all great wealth.

Monday Motivation

Monday’s can bring up a lot of negative thoughts and emotion for people who aren’t living the life they want and deserve.

There is dread for the week ahead, frustration for what still is, envy for where others seem to be, and a sense of feeling stuck in the muck of it all. I know, I feel you. I’ve been there and I had felt all of those feelings for years. I understand you. You are not alone. You are just a bit off course and need some help finding your way back.

We were not put on this earth to have a crap life. Are there crap parts of everyone’s life? hell yes! Overall life is designed to be beautiful, exciting, peaceful, abundant, scary, and exceptional. When we get stuck in the muck, those beliefs go out the window, which end up keeping us frozen in place.

No you may not be where you want to be, but you have come so far. Just maybe not on the exact timeline you prefer. Nothing is ever on our time, that’s an illusion of control. Everything is on Universal time. Everything is happening at the perfect time, whether we see it and understand it, or not.

B R E A T H E…You are ok. Part of the path to greatness requires getting lost. You won’t be lost forever. 💜, Tiffany

Get Clear on your Dream Lifestyle


I’ve been manifesting and experiencing my dream lifestyle for 15 years now! Truly I’ve been manifesting my entire life, but I didn’t have a name for what I had been practicing.

Now my lifestyle looks different than when I was 25, but our dreams evolve as we do. The point is, I continue to be crystal clear on what I want my life to feel like and look like. That clear vision allows me to set a clear intention, and this hyper-focus helps manifest my desires.

By 27, I decided that I only wanted to fly in first class for flights 3 hours or longer. So that’s what happened. Now did I break out a credit card and spend 10k on an international first class flight, hell no. I was smart and crafty about it and used airline miles to upgrade my self, along with a slew of other tricks I learned. Executing your dream lifestyle doesn’t have to break the bank. If you want it badly enough and are open to new possibilities, creative solutions to meet your goals will appear.

So whether you want to live near the beaches of Southern California like I do, in the country on a farm, own a Ferrari, travel the world, or stay at home with your children, YOU CAN! It starts with getting crystal clear about the lifestyle you desire, the more details the better. Then stay open to infinite possibilities that can get you to your goal. It will happen, in fact, it is happening for you now, but let’s get there faster. Are you with me????

You Are Loved


In case you momentarily forgot, you are loved regardless of how much money you make, how much you weigh, how many followers you have, how many IRL friends you have, and how productive you are on any given day.

You are loved as a human being not a human doing. The BIG and most important question is: do you love yourself regardless of all the above? It’s ok if your answer is no, mine use to be a big fat NO. What’s important is your awareness and honesty with yourself. If you answer is anything except “FUCK YES I Love my self regardless,” then there’s some inner work to be done.

If I went from a “fuck no” to a “fuck yes,” I know you can too and you deserve it!!! Love you, Tiffany

Don’t Look Back, You’re Not Going That Way.




When driving, it’s important to look at the review mirror, but if you stare at it, you will crash.

The same principle applies to our lives. Yes it’s important to reflect on our past, but to stay focused on that for too long will keep us stuck.

If you find yourself in a low energy space, check-in and see if your focus has drifted off the present and into the past. I tend to stay a bit too long on Memory Lane when I’m feeling fatigued or under the weather. Turning onto What If Avenue and If Only Circle, only leads to depressing destinations.

I pull my rental car over and regroup. I reset my GPS to the present, a route that leads me to hopeful and exciting destinations. For I have a choice of which direction I follow, and I choose today.

Share Your Talents with the World!

We are born with special gifts. Some people have a natural talent for sports, for singing, for drawing, for making people laugh, for science, and so on. Once those gifts are discovered it’s up to us to embrace them, refine them, and share them with the world.
Sadly many of us have had our gifts buried and squashed, as our very gifts and talents threatened those around us. As children there isn’t anything we could of done differently. As adults, we can. We can open up and allow our gifts shine in the bright lite for the world to see. It may be hard at first as self-doubt and low self-worth can creep in, but I’m here to remind you that your higher self knows the truth. You know what your gifts are just as you are aware of your weaknesses.
To keep those beautiful gifts from God sealed away or dimmed, shows the universe that you are ungrateful for those gifts. You were given these talents for a reason. Imagine if people like @thisisbillgates, @elonmusk, @tonyrobbins, @louise_hay_affirmations, Albert Einstein, and the Wright brothers kept their gifts locked away 🤔. Your gifts are just as valuable and needed as theirs.
I have a gift for communicating, public speaking, educating, and mentoring. Would the world notice if I kept those talents locked away, NO. But keeping them in the dark doesn’t serve the world, and we are here to serve, support, and slay!

Worthy Now




You are worthy of the best of the best, 5-Star, top quality people, places and things. I can tell you that a million times but if you don’t truly believe it for yourself, you will NEVER attract it into your life.

Think about this: you are here for a reason, otherwise you wouldn’t be. A power greater than all of us sees you as a miracle, as perfect, as a chosen one born into this world. If you don’t believe you are worthy of greatness, at least believe that a power greater than you do. You are perfectly imperfect and good enough just as you are today. 💜, Tiffany

Soak in the Wisdom


Here’s one ☝️ thing you can do today to get closer to creating your Most Exceptional life. A life of financial independence, money savviness (is that even a word?😝), as an empowered vibrant woman.

Ready for it? READ. Yup, I want to read. Not just anything, I want you to dedicate time each day to reading on a subject you want to start a business in, or make a career change into; read about someone who you admire, who you would be thrilled to have a similar lifestyle/career to theirs.

Every multi-millionaire I know including me makes time to read 📚things that advance their skill set. If you hate reading or desperately need to multitask then use @audible_com, they have thousands of audiobooks.

If you are already reading 📖 then good for you, I just validated something you already do. Share in comments your fav books.👇

You were born to be real, not to be perfect!

Somewhere along the way, many of us developed the false belief that we have to be perfect, that we aren’t good enough just as we are. It’s a belief that kept me trapped for most of my life. I kept overachieving, dieting, exercising, doing, to the point of exhaustion, trying to achieve the unachievable, PERFECTION.

Of course I never achieved it and I nearly killed my self trying (that’s not an exaggeration…you will hear more of my insane story once my podcast launches). Now I’ve accepted that I’m a human being, not a human doing, and all I can do is my best. Accepting our humanness is to accept our quirks, our flaws, our physical limitations, our bodies while shining a big beautiful light on all the gifts we have to offer the world.

I’m I “perfect” at doing this acceptance thing every day? HELL NO. But I’m 1000000 times better, happier, calmer than I use to be. Truly that’s all I can ask for is progress, not perfection. 💜, Tiffany