I believe with great wealth comes great responsibility. Not only is it important to share wealth in its physical form (money), but to share the wealth of knowledge I’ve absorbed on my journey to success. Every Wednesday, I’ll be sharing nuggets of wisdom with all of you. Everything from money making tips, to money saving techniques, to my BIG money “no no’s.”

1. Make your money work for you. Take 20% of whatever is in your bank account and put it work. Dedicate that money to a financial investment account (ie. Stock portfolio); put that money towards personal development ( courses, classes, masterminds, mentors, massages). Both of these avenues will add to your wealth, whether you are investing in stocks or yourself. The key here is to dedicate a set amount each quarter, whatever fits best with your life. For me, I follow the 20% rule.

2. Affiliate and/or residual income. Take an inventory of what products and brands you buy regularly. Then research how you can help get those purchases paid for through the company’s affiliate marketing program or create residual income. Not all companies do this, but I assure you there are companies that sell the same stuff that you buy, that do. For example, I’m into health and fitness. So I buy and use high grade superfood vitamins, protein shakes, green drinks, and bars regularly. I researched and decided to partner with @isagenix as they have a great program to get your products paid for each month. So whether you are an @amazon addict or are obsessed with skincare @dermstore, you can get your purchases paid for with little effort. For me this adds up to $350 a month! You would be surprised how quickly green drinks and vitamins add up.

So if you want help in setting this up, DM me. I’m happy to show you exactly how I set up my system to pay for my health habit.

Wishing you all great wealth.