This image perfectly visualizes how low self-worth can paralyze us. It’s a domino effect.

1. The low self-worth already exists inside you from childhood or from a toxic relationship, whether you are aware of it or in denial about it (more on that in my class).


2. Your self-talk is nasty, mean, and abusive as a result.


3. You attract in your life what you think you deserve, so then enters asshole boyfriends/girlfriends/spouses, bosses, shitty friends, and situations. You can’t figure out why does this keep happening to me?!!!!!


4. Here’s where I hopefully come in….someone finally cares enough and is brave enough (yes requires bravery as you can be defensive and mean when someone points the finger at you) to tell you the truth in a compassionate way that you can hear and absorb it.

5. The truth is my love, that you are the common denominator in everything listed in #3. If you remember anything from math class, a repeated part of a problem is the key to solving it. That doesn’t mean it’s easy to solve (I mean hello advanced trigonometry), but now you know where to look, the root. This is the key  to creating the life you have always wanted and deserve. ?, Tiffany.