Don’t Get In Your Own Way

“If you know a belief is destructive, then why are you obeying it?”

This is said with love to all of you reading this…I’m sharing this with you, to show you how sneaky and cunning our limiting beliefs can be.

If you are scrolling through social or the web, or listening to a podcast (hopefully mine 😉) and you start thinking things like, “I’ll never be as successful as ______.” “How did they create a 6 or 7 figure business, they must be really smart, I wish I was that talented.” “OMG _____ has 50k followers and they just started their business 2 years ago, I’ve been in here 5 years and I only have a couple thousand, what’s wrong with me?”

Do any of the above sound familiar? 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️

You know these thoughts are negative, counter productive, and if someone else spoke to you that way, it would be considered verbal and emotional abuse!!!!! YET, many of those beliefs end up being “obeyed.”

Once we say these shitty things to ourselves, if we don’t quickly reframe that thought or belief, we end up acting as if it’s a fact.

We end up feeling defeated, deflated, and therefor engage in destructive behavior like giving up on our dreams, procrastinating (AKA avoiding action), not signing up for that course or class, putting that personal development book back on the shelf, and so on.

My beautiful, powerful souls, YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES to be successful. It’s within you, or you wouldn’t be walking around on this planet.

You just get in your own way….we all do at times. A success mindset or a money mindset, is to catch yourself when those thoughts come up, and reframe them before they turn into beliefs.

I am here to help guide you. Share your limiting belief below (or DM me), and I will reframe it for you.

I had and have several incredibly patient mentors/coaches who do this for me when I’m stuck.

Please allow me to do this for you 🙏💜, Tiffany.

Love What You Do, Love Your Life

You know those annoying people who say if you love what you do for a living, you will love your life? IT’S FUCKING TRUE!
I literary have been “working” for 6 hours straight without wanting or needing to take a break.
You can have this same feeling. The catch is you have to be willing to learn a new way, to face your fears and do it anyway, and believe you deserve to love what you do and make a great money while doing it.
I wasn’t always this way. In fact, most of my life was spent on grinding away, being exhausted, dreading Monday’s, and wishing and praying it could be different. I just didn’t know another way. I didn’t believe one really existed.
It took me hitting a nasty rock bottom physically and emotionally to gain the clarity I have been searching for my entire life.
I know you can have this feeling too. Even if you don’t believe it right now, I will believe it for you.
To get an injection of inspiration suscribe to my podcast, ProjectME with Tiffany Carter. I promise you will start to see things in a new way. Wishing you great wealth, health, and worth always. 💜, Tiffany

Self-Worth Healing

This is the exact spot where my true healing began of my severely damaged self-worth.
I love to visit this spot on the Pacific Ocean several times a year, to remind my self how far I’ve come, and to soak in the special energy of this place.
What we don’t heal, will always be revealed.
We can ignore past hurts, traumas, and tragedies; we can try to cover them up with food, relationships, work, alcohol, shopping, being constantly busy; we can deny that any of it even exists or bothers us. TRUTH IS, none of it will just disappear. It’s there for us to deal with it, or it will consume us directly or indirectly.
Money won’t make these wounds any better either, I tried that for a long time. So have countless public figures, who have ended their lives. Success is irrelevant without inner peace.
“The only way around the pain, is to go through it.” (ACOA)
Once I did that deep inner work, my wealth, worth, and health skyrocketed 🚀 in amazing ways.

Have Faith and Patience

“When your life starts feeling ugly, pause, adjust, and fully revamp if necessary.”

You are never stuck. You always have a choice. You get to take a different action. Think a different thought. Learn a new way.

If your life doesn’t feel great to you, then an adjustment is needed. Perhaps even a full revamp. I’ve done several full revamps of my self and my life, and countless adjustments. ALL WERE WORTH IT!

You deserve the best! The best usually doesn’t just come to you on a platter. We have to do the required inner work and aligned action, to attract the best. Otherwise, even if it comes our way, we won’t recognize it or we will sabotage it somehow.

If you are so lost and confused, that you don’t know what to do next, then pause.

Take time to write out your feelings, don’t worry how it sounds, just get them out. Afterwards, ask the Universe or the God of your understanding for clear guidance on what to do next.

Then you let it go and wait.

The answer will come, as long as you have faith and some patience 🙏💜.

Share Your Truth

I have to admit something to you guys, I’m scared, like really scared.

Behind this smile, is one anxious Tiffany. I can smile because I have faith in the Universe, and myself, that I’m on the right path. It still feels scary to put my self and my story out there for the entire world to see, hear, and read.

The “what if’s” occupy my brain. What if my story and my lessons don’t help anyone? What if people think I’m lame? What if I can’t handle the extreme success coming my way, and I crumble?

I know from experience that when we share our truth, it no longer has power over us. Keeping feelings stuffed inside, make us sick and sad. So I’m sharing my truth for me and for any of you who are feeling anxious or scared right now.

It’s normal to feel these things when we are doing something new, up leveling our lives, going after our deepest dreams. Our egos try desperately to keep us safe, by keeping everything as is, status quo.

It’s our job to thank our egos for trying to protect us, and remind ourselves that we are safe, supported, and secure. This is why it is crucial, when you are changing things up in your life, to be highly selective to whom who chose to spent time with, and to only surround yourself with people, places, and things that feel loving and uplifting.

I already feel calmer and at ease, by sharing my vulnerable truth with all of you 🙏💜. Please share your truth with someone today, or at least write your truth in your journal. I promise you will feel lighter afterwards.

Love always,


Check Your Ego

Ever wonder why some people seem to achieve success so damn easily and quickly? Yup…me too!

The thing is, unless we know the person really well, we have ZERO idea of what it really took to create a multi-million dollar business, to meet and marry the great guy/girl, to publish a best seller, to have thousands of loyal and engaged followers, or to have that bangin’ body.

When I have low-mood days like today, my ego can lead the charge, and have me wondering why I can’t be more like _____ or have it easy like ______. I have to catch my self before it spins me into a crap mindset. I know I’m not alone here, right?!

If you think about it, we all are someone and have the life that someone else is dreaming of, and currently manifesting. Even if you just lost your job, but have a great family and a roof over your head, someone else is praying for that life. That would be up leveling for them.

I am a multi-millionaire entrepreneur, with a beautiful home, support system, and loving animals. Yet if I don’t keep my ego in check, I can start to feel sorry for my self as I’m reaching for the next level.

When we find ourselves reaching so much that we forget where our feet are planted, it’s time to ground ourselves in gratitude.

What 3 things you are grateful for today in your beautiful, and sometimes messy lives?

Shake Off The Funk

Do you ever wake up feeling grouchy?

Maybe you slept like crap, drank one too many glasses of wine 🍷, or you’re just feeling off and you don’t you why. Regardless of the reason, this feeling sucks. Since I wake up feeling grouchy more than I’d like to admit, I want to share some things I do to help shake off the funk.

First, I acknowledge, accept, and honor how I’m feeling. If I know why I’m feeling like a Polly Pissy Pants, then I address that specific issue. If I’m likely dehydrated, then I hydrate. If I slept like crap, maybe some extra coffee and protein.

Second, if I don’t know why (which is often the case), I ask my self, “Tiffany what is it you need right now to feel loved and nurtured?” Usually the answer for me is to go slow, patience, rest, a hug, or alone time. So I honor those needs and give them to myself without judgement (that’s the hard part for me).
Third, I take happy action as I call it. I do things that will shift my energy. Go to a yoga class, walk my dog (who is usually grouchy in morning-see pic 🤣), listen to fun happy music, listen to an inspiring or funny podcast, call a friend for a good laugh, or go out and grab a coffee versus staying in my kitchen with my grouchy self and dog.
SOMETIMES I need to do all of the above to up level my mood 🙃😊.

SOMETIMES none of the above works, and although that’s annoying it’s ok. I remind my self that I’m only human. A human pumped full of complicated hormones and emotions. If everyday was happy and great, we would stop appreciating those fantastic days and feelings.

We need to experience contrast in our lives to experience our full range of emotions. Since we know what a crap day feels like, it allows us to be grateful for the fantastic days.

If all else fails, just look at Molly’s grumpy pants face. It’s guaranteed to make you laugh 😆. Share this post with a friend who needs a lift. Just knowing they aren’t alone, will lift their spirits.

Doing Nothing Is Doing Something

You are a human being not a human doing. I used to have this backwards, and assessed my day and my worth based on how much I accomplished. Sound familiar????

This is soooo common, especially among women who have big dreams and goals they want to accomplish (like yesterday). Plus we have added responsibilities and pressures that get piled on, if we allow them to, like cooking for the family, grocery shopping, being a taxi-Mom, managing schedules, plus all of the beauty things we girls do to stay looking great.

Instead of judging our day by how much we got done. How about reviewing our day by how we feel? To expect ourselves to be high performers everyday is unrealistic, and will lead to burn out and even sickness (I was the lucky winner of both).

Remember doing nothing IS DOING SOMETHING. In fact, something extremely important…self-care, recharging, dreaming, unplugging, listening, and just being still are all important practices to achieving and maintaining success.

I had to learn this the hard way, so that I could teach all of you a better, easier, healthier, and more enjoyable way to achieve your wildest dreams. You are great whether you did 100 things or 1.

💜, Tiffany

You Deserve The Best of The Best

“The best things in life are free. The second best things, are very expensive.”
– Coco Chanel

It breaks my 💜 when I hear a woman’s resistance to buying, admiring, manifesting, and enjoying luxury items and experiences.

This resistance comes from a lack of self-worth coupled with false beliefs that were learned in childhood or from someone significant in our lives. People telling you that “you are high maintenance” or “all you care about is money,” when you express your desires for nice things and experiences, can really mess with your head. I get it. A significant ex-boyfriend of mine really hated my love and appreciation for luxury. He put me down constantly for it. After awhile I started to believe him.

After working with a therapist and a great mentor, I learned he was just projecting his own lack of self-worth, insecurities, and money noise onto me.

Someone who’s self-worth is high, will encourage you to treat yourself, and will love that you are manifesting your dreams for first class travel, a @chanelofficial bag, your dream home, @louboutinworld 👠, or a weekly massage. Someone who is threatened by your vision and desires (cuz of their own shit) will put you down, try to instill fear in you around $$$, and even insult your character.

Those are people you need to disconnect from in order to thrive. You deserve the best of the best. Even if you can’t yet afford it, you can still manifest it. Put it on your vision board, follow luxury accounts on IG, go try on that pair of shoes, plan that trip on paper, so WHEN you have the funds, you are ready to pull the trigger.

Do something several times every week that is luxurious. A beautiful bubble bath with candles, mani/pedi, pour a glass of champagne 🥂 and sit in the sun and read, treat yourself to a fancy lunch… When self-defeating thoughts come up like “you really should be doing chores,” or “I shouldn’t be spending money on this,” remind yourself that to create a luxurious life, you must be comfortable with luxury. You must welcome it and relish in it. Otherwise you will subconsciously continue to push everything luxurious away.

Envision A Life You Love

What would your life feel and look like, if you were doing what you love and making great money from it?

It feels freeing, exhilarating, fun, dreamy, empowering, and scary too. When we finally get what we prayed for, asked for, worked for, and manifested, it can seem too good to be true. Doubts can creep in like, “how long can this really last for?” “I made thousands for a couple of months, but will I continue to?”

These doubts are normal. It’s our own egos way of trying to protect us and keep us safe. To our ego, doing something different is risky and therefore potentially dangerous, even when the results are awesome. How many of you have lost weight or got more fit, only to doubt how long you will really keep it off? Even though you feel better than ever, it’s new to your ego, therefore it’s on guard to protect you.

Don’t tell that ego driver voice to STFU! That doesn’t work (I’ve tried that many times). Gently and lovingly, thank that voice for its concern and wanting to protect you. Let it know, this is a good change and that you are safe, secure, and supported.

At first, you will need to comfort the ego numerous times a day (much like a sensitive overtired toddler), over time the voice will go from a scream to a whisper, to nothing at all on that subject (the ego will move onto something new you’re doing…annoying but true).