Treat Yourself!


Treating yourself to nice things that you enjoy, tells the Universe and yourself that you are worthy of greatness regardless of the cost. By doing this, you will attract more greatness into your life.

No, I’m not suggesting you go spend a boat load of $$$$ that you don’t have. It’s all relative. So you can take yourself to a 5-Star restaurant and sit at the bar and order a tea or coffee (I did this all thru college). Go into @gucci or another luxury brand you love and try on the merchandise. Pick out what you WILL OWN SOON. These actions will not only get you into the millionaire mindset, you will also be manifesting your desired lifestyle.

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The Circle of Stress



Worry, anxiety, extreme nervousness, negative anticipation, are all stressors to your body. The same stress hormones are released when we think stressful thoughts as they are when we are in a stressful situation.

These behaviors go on long enough and you will burn out. You will be fried. AAAAAAND if you are a stubborn driver personality like me, you will most likely end up burning your adrenal glands out. Let me tell you, that’s not fun. If you already feel burned out, foggy brained, extremely fatigued, have weight that won’t come off, then you already may have done some damage.

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Necessary R&R


I use to think I had to earn the right to rest, unless I was sick 😷. So guess what? I got sick all the time! Truly, I wouldn’t sit on the couch until my entire to do list was done, and then I would pass out in exhaustion.

Part of the passion behind ProjectME is I want to show you an easier more gentle and loving way to reach your goals. I’m living proof that you can achieve wealth, own a business, take great trips, all while taking A LOT of time for self-care and rest.

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Fear isn’t all bad.


Fear isn’t all bad. Fear alerts us to true danger. Fear sends us warning ⚠️ signs when something seems really dangerous. Fear also shows us what we are strongly resisting in our lives, what’s blocking us from having the life we want and deserve. Ask yourself today, “what am I afraid of doing the most right now?”

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Don’t Worry, Be Mindful


Truly worrying doesn’t solve problems or make anything better. It may make you feel like you’re doing something by fretting over it, but that’s just an illusion.

So success minded people may start to worry but catch themselves and make a different choice. You can surrender your problem to your higher power 🙏, you can pray about it, write about it 📝, discuss with a trusted friend/mentor, or do nothing for now.

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Learn to Rest, Not Quit

Rest is not only vital to your health but required for success. Most mega millionaires I know (and I do know quite a few) take naps everyday and/or meditate. Usually in the middle of the day or prior to an evening work event if they have one. Grinding away will eventually lead to burnout along with you getting sick, since rest is required for a healthy immune system. 💜
I’ve lived both ways. As the workaholic grinder and the mindful achiever. The old me caught some bug going around once every 5-6 weeks. Then I would be out of commission for a week only to return to the grinding 💩💩💩. The revised me, follows the mega millionaire mindful achiever POA, and I rest even if I’m not tired (insert a GASP from many of you reading). If you are feeling burned out, exhausted, have #adrenalfatigue, or are always getting sick, are you willing to try another way of being/living?
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Words of Wisdom



Nor will a million dollars. I can tell you from my experience having a 💩 load of money, big fancy job title, traveling the world, lots of “friends, I was the walking dead. On the outside everything looked great, on the inside I felt empty, alone, unfulfilled, and confused. It wasn’t until I rediscovered my true self and fell in like then eventually in love with me, that a whole new world and life opened up to me. 💜, Tiffany

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Note to Self






Do something today to make yourself proud. Don’t tell anyone about it, just do it for you. Maybe it’s that you practice self-care and get your nails done 💅 or go to yoga 🧘‍♀️. Or map out your goals for this quarter 📈. Or perhaps you finally allow yourself to just do nothing and rest your gorgeous soul 💜

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Low Self-Worth can be Paralyzing


This image perfectly visualizes how low self-worth can paralyze us. It’s a domino effect.

1. The low self-worth already exists inside you from childhood or from a toxic relationship, whether you are aware of it or in denial about it (more on that in my class).


2. Your self-talk is nasty, mean, and abusive as a result.


3. You attract in your life what you think you deserve, so then enters asshole boyfriends/girlfriends/spouses, bosses, shitty friends, and situations. You can’t figure out why does this keep happening to me?!!!!!


4. Here’s where I hopefully come in….someone finally cares enough and is brave enough (yes requires bravery as you can be defensive and mean when someone points the finger at you) to tell you the truth in a compassionate way that you can hear and absorb it.

5. The truth is my love, that you are the common denominator in everything listed in #3. If you remember anything from math class, a repeated part of a problem is the key to solving it. That doesn’t mean it’s easy to solve (I mean hello advanced trigonometry), but now you know where to look, the root. This is the key  to creating the life you have always wanted and deserve. 💜, Tiffany.

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How I Push the Reset Button

You are not alone but I understand it feels that way right now. Please pause and press reset on yourself. You can only do so much, you are awesome but you are not a machine, you are a human being not a human doing.

-I stop doing anything for as long as I need to, for my nervous system to calm down.
-I take a bath (I’m in one now actually 😛) and focus on something I enjoy, something positive (hence me writing this post).
-I check in with myself and ask what do I need right now without judgement? Then I honor my needs. Whether it’s food, a nap, a cry, a healthy distraction, alone time, whatever.

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