WRITERS BLOCK: something few entrepreneurs and executives discuss. Most people think of “writers block” as something that novelists and journalists struggle with, but they aren’t the only ones who write for a living. In fact most business people in content/communication based business write far more copy than the average book writer.

Almost 70% of my work day consists of writing. Writing content, emails, social posts, web copy, press releases, and massive to-do lists. Some days, I just don’t have the writing ✍️ spirit. When you own your own company, you can’t just say “oh I’m not feeling it today, so I won’t.” There are personal deadlines, client deadlines, and editorial deadlines to meet. So I’ve come up with a few techniques to unblock and unlock my inner writer.

1. Select your smallest writing project on your “have to do today” list.

2. Set a timer. As a former TV newscaster, we were on deadlines so tight that we may of had to submit a story for air in 10 minutes!!!! (Yes it was stressful AF but exhilarating). So set a timer as though you are a journalist covering a breaking news story and you have to get it on the air STAT. For something 400 words or less, set your timer 20-30 minutes depending on complexity of task (ie. Press release Vs email). This technique makes your heart rate and blood pump, since you have created a race. Plus it makes the task less annoying sounding, since it’s just 20-30 minutes. You can do anything for that long ! (Well maybe not hold a plank)

3. Pens down when timer goes off. Now, you may not have created your final version, but your damn close. So now, all you have to do is edit, which is far easier than creating the initial structure.

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