Money Manifesting Mantra

I earn money easily and consistently. I am worthy of all the wealth I acquire.

Crucial manifesting tip: when you create money generating mantras, meditations, and vision boards, you MUST include and practice that you are WORTHY of this abundance. That you are WORTHY of making a shit ton of money and whatever else you desire, with ease.

When I first started practicing manifestation principles 12 years ago, I was focused on manifesting things, money, travel, parking spaces….no work at all on my self-worth.

So guess what happened?! I didn’t get all the things, the money, the success, but I lost 3/4 of my entire financial worth in 3 months.

I even held on to everything I manifested for several years. The more I up leveled, the more my buried lack of worthiness crept in. In the same year that I made 7 figures for my first time (before the age of 30), I lost almost all of it before that year was over! Truly because deep down I didn’t feel worthy of this abundance, especially any abundance with great ease and joy.

So for the last 3.5 years, I switched my focused from just manifesting financial worth, to manifesting great self-worth. THIS MY FRIENDS WAS MY MISSING PUZZLE PIECE.

Now that I have rebuilt my self-worth (with techniques I will for sure teach all of you), I am weaving back in all of my financial, business, and luxury desires.

Without an incredible sense of self-worth, success can’t be sustained or maintained.

Self-worth is the foundation for great net-worth.

Do You Have A Back Up Plan?

My longtime nickname in the business world is Backup Plan Tiff.

I earned this title by always having a plan B and C, in case the shit breaks, the client barks, or someone on the team is having a bad day (me included).

This savvy strategy of mine has given me the reputation of being reliable and resourceful, even under the craziest of circumstances.

Here’s how I come up with back up plans:
1. My team and I create the ideal business plan. How we ideally want everything to go.
2. Then I present a “what if” scenario…”what if we launch this new program or product, and the server crashes or there’s a bug in the software?
3. Then we creatively come up with our action plan IF that happens.
4. Then I open the floor for the team to share their “what if’s” that are circling their minds (no matter how crazy they seem—this part always makes us laugh). We pick the next most possible mishap, and create a plan C around it.
5. We all then instantly feel a sense of relief, just knowing that we planned for the worst, but still expect and hope for the best.

You CAN Have It All!


It’s a matter of first believing you can, that it is possible for you, regardless of your current circumstances.

Some of us were taught (like I was) that “no one gets everything they want,”
“that life is unfair.” TRUTH IS, the people who raised us, just teach us what they were taught and project their circumstances onto us. This doesn’t mean it’s true, although they perceived it to be true for them.

Truth is we can have our Most Exceptional life. We can have the awesome #workfromanywhere money machine, the beautiful home, a family, peace of mind, and so on. Will this always happen on our time frame or in the exact way we want it? NO, but it is all possible if we believe it is, and step out of our own damn way.

What do you have to lose, by believing and knowing everything you desire is possible?

I came from a life of abuse to total abundance. Once I got out of my own way, the entire Universe opened up and showered its gifts upon my life. This doesn’t mean everyday is easy, but everyday is perfect in it’s own twisted way.

Are you ready to believe your Most Exceptional life is possible!?

What Are Your Thoughts Telling You?

You see, most of us get confused by believing our thoughts to be true. Our thoughts and beliefs aren’t necessary facts. It’s our insecurities, self-doubt, shit people have called us, all circling our incredibly cunning mind.

The trick to knowing when a thought is BS, is when that thought makes you feel like shit about yourself.

We were all created uniquely and exquisitely. We are all meant to be walking this Earth, or we wouldn’t be here. There is more than enough abundance for us all to enjoy.

Who are you NOT to have the best of the best?

When you have thoughts that bring down your confidence, remind yourself those are just false beliefs you picked up. Like gum on the bottom of your shoe after a long walk. Scrape that shit off, and create a new empowering thought.

Even if you don’t totally believe it right away that’s ok, some things take time to sink in. Just know, I guarantee you are much greater than you think you are, and are destined for an exceptional life.

Do Your Spending Habits Match Your Desires?

OK so we invest thousands of dollars per year on our looks. Everything from skin care, to hair, to brows, to makeup, to clothes, to nails and beyond. YET when an opportunity is presented to people to up level their lives, their business, their mindset, resistance comes up.

I mean WTF!!!!!!

It happens to me, too. I’m talking to all of us right now, including myself. In my first company, my public relations/social media business, I have a lot of clients in the skin care world. It’s a fact that people who make less than 50k per year spend more on skin/beauty products and services than the wealthy. This proves that people will find the cash, to pay for what’s important and a priority to them.

Wouldn’t creating our Most Exceptional life be our #1 priority?! Yet most of our spending habits and actions, don’t match our deepest desires.

In starting my second company @projectme_with_tiffany, I have struggled with clicking that “pay” button, even though I know from my 10 years as an entrepreneur, that you must invest in your business for it to come to life and thrive. I mean, I have concrete proof that it’s a necessary strategy. Yet, it’s a no-brainer for me to plop down $500 for Botox.

Next time a limiting thought 💭 comes up that you don’t have enough money to invest in starting or up leveling your business, look and see how you can reallocate your spending from other areas in your life. You can have the funds to invest and still get weird about it, like I do. If this is you, ask yourself, “why am I resisting bringing my life and business to the next level?” “What am I afraid will or won’t happen if I invest this money?”

Get real with your fears and resistance, and ask, “is this true?” 99.9% of the time, the shit our minds create is a big fat lie.

Then guys…click the “pay” button anyway. If you have done your research, and feel strongly called to hire the coach/mentor, buy the course, attend the event, sign-up and show up as your glorious, passionate, driven for greatness selves.

Design and Manifest your Most Exceptional Life

Surround yourself with the people, places, and things you want to attract into your life.

Whatever and whomever we are consistently exposed to, we become.

If you want to up level your life, your bank account, and your mood, you must immerse yourself in experiences and things that match this new and much improved level.

Even if you aren’t making 6 or 7 figures YET, you can still experience what it will feel like and look like when you do.

You can take $10, go to a beautiful resort, hotel, or restaurant with a spectacular view, and sit for an hour or two having a coffee…Experience what it feels like to have a more luxurious life. OR….

If you’re further along on the wealth path, go charter that boat you want to buy someday…go to the multi-million dollar open houses with stunning ocean views (like I’m doing today), and picture yourself living in that home.

Designing and manifesting your Most Exceptional life is so fun! What are you going to do this week that’s NEXT LEVEL? 👇👇👇👇.

The Power Of NO, and YES

Two words ✌️ that changed my life, once I got real damn honest with myself and others.

My personal favorite: the word NO. As a recovering people pleaser, I rarely said no. Even when something sounded horrible to me. I even tasted foods I didn’t want to, in order to “not offend” the chef or the client.

When I was working as an employee in corporate America, they looooooved me because I never said no to extra work, weekend conferences, business dinners, spreadsheets, special projects, you name it. So yes I got recognized for my lack of no’s…awards, promotions, praise, money, trips, but the entire time I was saying yes to them, I was saying a giant FUCK YOU to my self, my needs, and my desires.

Second favorite word is YES! Now when I say yes, I mean it. It’s not out of people pleasing so you will like me or hire me. It’s because I really want to do the thing, eat the food, visit the place, watch your cat.

When I say YES to something or someone now, it is a big fat YES to my self. Instead of it being a fuck you, it’s an “I honor you.”

Taking a fun mini-vacay this holiday weekend, and it feels extra good because I said YES to it and meant it. There’s no anxiety in going, as I will use my “yes’ and no’s’ “ to honor my self instead of fucking my self.

What have you said YES to recently, that was truly a NO in disguise?
*****PS You ALWAYS have the right to change your mind. You can change your answer to honor yourself at any time.

The Best Way To Level UP

Which one do you want to be, smart or wise?

In my ten year entrepreneurial journey, I learned the best and easiest way to up level my business, is to learn from the mistakes that others have made before me.

We all make mistakes in business and in life, it’s a matter of what we do after making those mistakes that sets us apart. Do we brush it off or blame someone else, only to repeat that same mistake? Or do we assess how the mistake happened, and what we can do going forward to prevent it?

To create or grow your business at a faster pace, in a BIG way, requires a greater investment. Hiring a business coach who has already done and succeeded in business, who can show you great strategies and tips. Imagine how much time, energy, and money you can save by just avoiding one key business or marketing mistake!!!!

I love asking people about the biggest business mistakes they have made. I also respect when people ask me the same question. Mistakes are great lessons, whether we made them or someone else.

I prefer learn from those who are further down the road than me. As I like to make money the easy way 🤑.

Take The Veil Off

The most stunning people, places, and things in life are UNFILTERED. 🌅 This is a glorious #unfiltered photo I took of the Malibu sunrise, en route to the airport.

As much as we all prefer filtered photos of ourselves, water to appear bluer, skin to appear smoother, our content to perfectly match our brand colors, and our cellulite to soften…truly the most vulnerable, raw, and authentic version of ourselves, and our surroundings is what allows us to build deeper connections to others and the Universe.

As you grow your business, remember people want to hire those they like, trust, and respect. It’s makes it difficult for people to develop a relationship with you (especially online), if your Instagram feed is always perfect, if your messages are always guarded, if the photos of you are always glamorous and filtered.

My loves, take the veil off sometimes and allow people to meet you, the real you, the incredibly imperfect you, and all of the basic unglamorous shit you do 90% of the time.

This builds trust with your current clients and potential customers. Plus when you share your truth, it helps others feel less alone, less lame and inadequate, and therefor more connected. That by itself is worth being vulnerable, at least for me.

💜, Tiffany

Fridays As An Employee Vs. Entrepreneur

What my Friday’s looked like when I was an employee, versus now, as an entrepreneur.
When I was neck-deep in the corporate world as an employee, I counted the hours until Friday at 5pm. It felt like I could breathe again at that time, and be free to be me. I felt like an inmate (not that I would know) who was released for the weekend. Truly I was a prisoner. A self-imposed prisoner.

When we don’t follow our dreams and our passions, and just stay at a job or at a career for the money (my case), or for our parents, society, or out of fear, we lock our true spirit behind bars. Bars that only WE hold the key to.

Now Friday’s are like any other day to me. I set my own schedule; I manage my own time; I design my own life. I’m just as happy about a Friday as I am a Monday or a Wednesday. There is no dread, and there is no day of salvation (formally Friday’s at 5).

This freedom is possible for you too. Regardless if you have a fancy degree, whether you are 26 or 66, financial and mental freedom IS POSSIBLE.

If you want to #workfromanywhere and take the control back over your life, email or DM me. I select a handful of women every month to join my marketing team. I personally mentor each person in creating a plan to achieve your money and business goals. FOR FREE! Grab those keys and break yourself free.