The Reality of Entrepreneur Life

LET’S GET REAL, the entrepreneur life, the life of a wealthy person, successful person, executive, boss babe, is about 10% glamorous and fabulous, 70% basic and tedious, and 20% a crazy shit-show. Most people are only sharing that 10% on social because quite frankly those moments make great photo ops and inspire people to go after their dreams.

The issue with only showing the glam is people may be inspired to take those first steps to follow their dream career or starting their dream business, BUT, it won’t stick. 98% of people quit or get stuck as soon as they hit their first few roadblocks.

I believe if you knew what roadblocks you were likely to face and have a game plan to overcome them, it wouldn’t be so shocking and discouraging when they pop up, WHICH THEY WILL. Even the top in their field who are worth hundreds of millions, still face giant obstacles. Look at Tony Robbins’ latest bad press on the #metoo movement, or go follow Gary Vay-Ner-Chuk (@garyvee) who is open about the obstacles he faces with his 250 million dollar empire.

My mission with ProjectME is to empower women to go after their dreams through education, wealth-building strategy, and mentorship. I would be doing you a dis-service if I just empowered you without educating you on things that are new to you, that I’m a proven expert in. It would be a set-up for initial excitement and action, that would likely end in an ugly crash and burn. WE DONT WANT THAT DO WE?!

Going after your dream life is 100000% worth it, and it’s a roller-coaster ride. You wouldn’t want to go on a giant roller-coaster alone, would you? 🎢 YOU CAN ABSOLUTELY DO THIS, just not alone or without proper guidance and strategy.

Remember if being wealthy, healthy, and empowered was simple #1, it would be boring, and #2, there would far more millionaires than < 2% of the population!

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If You’re Looking For A Sign THIS Is It!

If you are waiting for a “sign,” an answer, help, validation, encouragement; my loves, HERE IT IS!

I decided to make my message straight-forward and clear, as this is the core mission and process of ProjectME. My goal is to help millions of women create their Most Exceptional life, guilt-free and empowered.

This doesn’t happen in a week or even a month, this is a process, and I can only help the willing. You need to be willing to consider operating differently, thinking differently, and communicating differently to find your Most Exceptional you, to have your Most Exceptional life. This all begins with you believing you are worth it! Worth the time, energy, and commitment to focus on your beautiful self. To put YOU first for once in your life.

This didn’t used to be me. I felt worthless, hopeless, depressed, frustrated, anxious, scared, angry, exhausted, and lost. I created ProjectME to be the guide, the mentor, the messenger I wish I had when I was the walking dead. I promise you, there is a different way to operate and live. If I got there, I know you can if you are open, willing, and ready. If you are still reading this post at this point, it’s a pretty good sign that you are ready.

There is no quick fix on creating the Most Exceptional version of you, it’s a process I designed with ease, balance and grace. We no longer need to push, force, stress, and hustle our way into our best selves and best life. We can do this with a clear, direct and loving approach. Please tag or privately share this page with a friend who is looking for a new way, or to be inspired through self-empowerment.

… Look forward to being on this journey with you.

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Stop Saying This Word!

Can you guess which 5-letter word I feel is both misused and overused by women!

S O R R Y- each time I hear a woman who is going around me at the grocery store (and not even close to touching me-God forbid) say, “oh so sorry,” in a meek, submissive voice, I CRINGE 🤨. When a woman comes up to meet me or ask me a question after I give a speech, and she says, “I’m so sorry to bother you but….” my heart sinks a little.

I now speak back to the women and say, “ no need to be sorry, this is part of my job and I’m here to meet people and answer their questions.” Or if I’m feeling super sassy I say, “ why are you sorry (in a kind way)?” I’ve not ever had one woman be able to answer that question.

Part of why this unnecessary apologizing affects me so much is I used to do it in my personal life all the time. I even apologized when I ran into a chair at my house! No, I’m not kidding. In my professional life, I actually had some self-confidence and respect, but in my personal life, I was that “sorry” girl. I didn’t want to bother, annoy, or interrupt anyone’s life with my needs or even curiosity. My self-worth was so low, I didn’t feel worthy of having my needs met, asking for help, or even a shoulder to cry on.

Fast forward a mere 3 years, and I am no longer that girl. I am an empowered woman who is worthy of others time, attention, money, and love. So if you are that “sorry” person, do your best to catch yourself. You are just as worthy as I am, whether you are rich, poor, depressed, sick, happy, overweight, underweight, a trauma survivor (#metoo)… Instead of saying a weak “sorry,” replace it with an empowered “excuse me” or “pardon me” or better yet NONE OF IT, unless of course, you step on someone’s foot or something.

If you don’t think you are worthy, how can you expect others to see your worth?

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Why You Should Pause Before Reacting

“YOU DID WHAT??!!!” This is something I think or sometimes say to clients and women I mentor. Not in a shaming or judgmental way, more so out of shock. Then I take a few deep breaths and help them correct the situation. It amazes me how many mistakes, drama, and loss of money could be avoided by simply pausing and not reacting.
Making a decision when in a space of fear, anger, frustration, depression, or any other low vibration emotion is dangerous. None of us think clearly when we are caught up in the moment of something. I remind people over and over again, to pause when something or someone pushes your buttons. Ask for guidance from a trusted mentor, coach, therapist, the Universe, and for sure your higher self.
The first and most important step is to pause and do nothing. If someone is pressuring you to make a decision, tell them politely that you need 24 hours. Unless it’s a life or death situation, everything can wait 24 hours. If not, say you need until the end of the day. You don’t need to provide an explanation as to why. The why is none of their business.
This advice also applies to replying to emails, calls, and text messages. I promise you will NEVER regret pausing. No client or mentee calls me in a panic because they paused. It’s always because they didn’t and now there’s a mess to clean up. Sometimes those messes can’t be cleaned. Write the word “pause” on a post-it and put it somewhere that’s a danger-zone for you to react.

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Use This Mantra To Manifest Success!

Even if you don’t fully believe this is possible for you yet, say it anyway. Act as if you believe it. Imagine what it would feel like to have the Exceptional life you desire and deserve. You have NOTHING to lose by embracing these mantras I provide you. They are a tool to manifest the life you crave. Trust me, you have a lot to lose by not being open to new ways and new ideas.
I know the Universe will provide you with an amazing life, filled with abundance and joy, as long as you are 100% in and willing to be on the ride. I didn’t believe in most of the mantras I read, but as@louise_hay_affirmations teaches, you do it anyway, and overtime, you will. She was soooooo right.
Through my podcast, ProjectME the Podcast with Tiffany Carter you will get to hear my story on Mantras and how I thought they were cheesy to now knowing they are necessary for success!

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My Personal Tips & Tricks to Mastering Content Creation

ATTENTION 🗣 all writers ✍️ and content queens 👸. If you are anything like me and countless other people I know, creating butt loads of content can get overwhelming. This overwhelm can easily make you unmotivated and uninspired, which isn’t fun. The entire point is to enjoy our work, especially content creation. If we lose that loving feeling, it will show in everything we do. Not good.

So in my 10 years as an entrepreneur, I’ve been forced to figure out this content management thing. At least my struggles can turn into lessons for others.

My strategy is I select 2 days per week as my writing days. I make sure my calendar is mostly or totally clear on those days. Instead of dreading them, I make them into a luxurious experience. So I wake up, meditate, have coffee ☕️, go move my body, sometimes take a bath 🛀, then I put on some mood music 🎶, and if it’s nice outside (usually is in LA)…. I’ll sit outside and type away.

If some content isn’t flowing out of me, I move it towards the end of my list and keep writing on what is easily pouring through my fingers. So don’t force it or the end result will be inauthentic crap that you won’t like anyway. People can feel your energy and mood through your content.

Also, I recommend creating a beautiful inspiring writing spot for yourself whether you have a home based office (like me) or a cubical. Use your favorite pens, favorite colors, get a cool laptop skin or cover (see photo), a fun notepad, crystals, quotes, candles, whatever inspires good creative energy for you. This is part of where my office supply addiction got started, as I believe working with the right gear is so damn motivating. Share your writing tips in comments 👇.

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STOP Living for the Weekend!

You know what makes me so damn sad 😞? The countless amount of times I hear people say and write things like, “TGIF,” “Finally Friday,” and the worst, “I live for weekends.” Millions of people are spending 72% of their week, waiting for 28% of it to begin. Therefore, suffering and surviving through most of their lives. THIS IS NOT HOW WE ARE MEANT TO BE ON THIS EARTH.

How about a mindset shift exercise? Why do you so look forward to Friday night? Is it because you hate your job, your commute, school, or are overwhelmed and doing so much that you’ve created the weekends as your only “break?” Whatever it is, get honest with yourself and write it down.

What would your life need to look and feel like for you to look at everyday of the week as though it’s the weekend? Now, for you sarcastic people out there, don’t demean this exercise by saying, “a billion dollars,” or “win the lotto.” You can, and that mentality explains why you hate 72% of your life. An authentic non-defensive answer would be something like, “For me to look at everyday like I do the weekend, I would have a career I love working from home; I would make X amount of money each month doing it, allowing me (and my family) to go on limitless fun outings and vacations.”

Please go into detail, the more the better. Then I want you to go back and rewrite your description in the present tense (as though this is your life right now), preferably in your fav colors and on paper that you can hang somewhere (printer paper or construction paper).

Next step, as you go through your weekend, cut out images (from magazines or print from online) that reflect your above description. Glue or tape those images all around your description. Put this daily life vision board somewhere so you see it many times a day.

This exercise isn’t just about manifesting your Most Exceptional life, it’s also to remind you that it is very achievable, realistic, and possible for you. Even if you don’t 💯 believe that right now, I believe it for you. Extra points if you post your life board and tag me @projectme_with_tiffany💜🙏. Love, Tiffany

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Becoming Yourself

To become your best self, you have to walk away from all that doesn’t serve your greatest good. This process for me was gut-wrenching, painful, liberating, scary, freeing, sad, and intensely empowering.

It had to be done if I wanted to achieve greatness in mind, body, soul, and life! I believe we all truly know deep down who and what we need to detach from, we create resistance around it because taking that action is terrifying. We make excuses for people, “well they aren’t that bad;” we make excuses for a life sucking job or client, “but they pay well.” Bottom line is, if you experience negative feelings from being around that person, place, or thing, it’s highly likely that you need to detach.

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It’s Not About Ideas. It’s About Making Ideas Happen!

How many of you are like me 🙋‍♀️and come up with some great ideas in the shower? Or while sharing a bottle of vino 🍷 with friends? It’s so inspiring and exciting to come up with creative ideas, and conversely it’s a big buzz kill to realize you never followed thru on any of them.

Don’t get me wrong brainstorming is a part of the creative entrepreneurial process. However, none of those cool ideas matter if there is no action or plan behind them. It’s fun to come up with solutions and kick-ass marketing strategies, in fact it’s one my fav parts of running a business. Putting those ideas into action is when 99.9% of people get stuck. You want to know why?!!! BECAUSE THAT’S WHERE THE WORK COMES IN.

Maybe you don’t know where to even begin to make your vision a reality, so here comes extreme overwhelm and then paralysis. Maybe some false beliefs start chatter in your head to sabotage your dream, “oh that will be too expensive and I don’t have extra money, so why bother right now.” Que paralysis yet again.

I totally get it. I’ve been there many times. The good news is I obviously figured out a great way to move ideas into action without paralysis, so I can teach you my methods. In the next 2 months we will be launching several ProjectME courses. One will be on how to smoothly take your dreams from ideas into implementation.

In the meantime, write those crazy, kooky, brilliant, off the wall ideas down or record them on your phone. Our ego will often have us forget things that our scary or seem out of reach for us. That’s why when you have a BIG IDEA in the shower on Wednesday (so BIG you know you will never forget it), by the time Friday hits, that idea is totally gone or really foggy. To prevent your ego from stealing your dreams, document that shiz. That could be your multi-million dollar idea 💰 💡.

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Wealth Tips with Tiff


Typicality I share my wealth tips on Wednesday Wealth Tips with Tiff, my higher self is screaming at me to share these with you today. So here we go!

Gaining wealth consistency is not a one lane highway. To have wealth that continues to grow requires interstates, highways, freeways, and even toll roads. It’s important to not put all of your eggs in one basket. Meaning all of your income generating shouldn’t just come from your primary job. There’s only one of you (if there’s more than one of you I’m jealous), and only about 8-12 work hours in a day that you can execute. So if you stick with your job being your primary source of income, then you will only increase your wealth when and if you get a raise or a bonus check. NOT A WEALTH GENERATING POA (plan of action).

Since there is only one of you, to accelerate your financial growth, you will need to create a passive income interstate, a residual income road, and a savings strategy. It may sound overwhelming, so I suggest baby steps.
Start with one interstate, one road, and a simple savings startedgy. Here’s a simple example of what my money roadmap looked like initially 👇:

Primary Income came from my Marketing/PR/Social Media firm. My passive income (meaning how I made money when I wasn’t actively engaged-while I slept) came from investing in mutual bods (though a financial adviser) and stocks. My residual income (money you earn long after your initial effort) came from network marketing high end skin care products. So skin care systems I sold to people who regularly refilled their order monthly or quarterly, without me having to “re-sell” them the products. Not all network marketing companies pay the same, so it’s crucial to partner with a brand you love that compensates you well for suggesting it to others. I’ll have an entire podcast dedicated to this subject.

Savings Strategy: this deserves its own paragraph. Saving money = making money. You can gain great wealth by saving overtime. In fact the ROI (return on investment) with saving money is often higher than most other investments like real estate, stocks, and bonds. I’ll do a dedicated IG live to “Saving Strategy.” Be on the lookout for it today.

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