Do Your Spending Habits Match Your Desires?

OK so we invest thousands of dollars per year on our looks. Everything from skin care, to hair, to brows, to makeup, to clothes, to nails and beyond. YET when an opportunity is presented to people to up level their lives, their business, their mindset, resistance comes up.

I mean WTF!!!!!!

It happens to me, too. I’m talking to all of us right now, including myself. In my first company, my public relations/social media business, I have a lot of clients in the skin care world. It’s a fact that people who make less than 50k per year spend more on skin/beauty products and services than the wealthy. This proves that people will find the cash, to pay for what’s important and a priority to them.

Wouldn’t creating our Most Exceptional life be our #1 priority?! Yet most of our spending habits and actions, don’t match our deepest desires.

In starting my second company @projectme_with_tiffany, I have struggled with clicking that “pay” button, even though I know from my 10 years as an entrepreneur, that you must invest in your business for it to come to life and thrive. I mean, I have concrete proof that it’s a necessary strategy. Yet, it’s a no-brainer for me to plop down $500 for Botox.

Next time a limiting thought 💭 comes up that you don’t have enough money to invest in starting or up leveling your business, look and see how you can reallocate your spending from other areas in your life. You can have the funds to invest and still get weird about it, like I do. If this is you, ask yourself, “why am I resisting bringing my life and business to the next level?” “What am I afraid will or won’t happen if I invest this money?”

Get real with your fears and resistance, and ask, “is this true?” 99.9% of the time, the shit our minds create is a big fat lie.

Then guys…click the “pay” button anyway. If you have done your research, and feel strongly called to hire the coach/mentor, buy the course, attend the event, sign-up and show up as your glorious, passionate, driven for greatness selves.

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Design and Manifest your Most Exceptional Life

Surround yourself with the people, places, and things you want to attract into your life.

Whatever and whomever we are consistently exposed to, we become.

If you want to up level your life, your bank account, and your mood, you must immerse yourself in experiences and things that match this new and much improved level.

Even if you aren’t making 6 or 7 figures YET, you can still experience what it will feel like and look like when you do.

You can take $10, go to a beautiful resort, hotel, or restaurant with a spectacular view, and sit for an hour or two having a coffee…Experience what it feels like to have a more luxurious life. OR….

If you’re further along on the wealth path, go charter that boat you want to buy someday…go to the multi-million dollar open houses with stunning ocean views (like I’m doing today), and picture yourself living in that home.

Designing and manifesting your Most Exceptional life is so fun! What are you going to do this week that’s NEXT LEVEL? 👇👇👇👇.

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The Power Of NO, and YES

Two words ✌️ that changed my life, once I got real damn honest with myself and others.

My personal favorite: the word NO. As a recovering people pleaser, I rarely said no. Even when something sounded horrible to me. I even tasted foods I didn’t want to, in order to “not offend” the chef or the client.

When I was working as an employee in corporate America, they looooooved me because I never said no to extra work, weekend conferences, business dinners, spreadsheets, special projects, you name it. So yes I got recognized for my lack of no’s…awards, promotions, praise, money, trips, but the entire time I was saying yes to them, I was saying a giant FUCK YOU to my self, my needs, and my desires.

Second favorite word is YES! Now when I say yes, I mean it. It’s not out of people pleasing so you will like me or hire me. It’s because I really want to do the thing, eat the food, visit the place, watch your cat.

When I say YES to something or someone now, it is a big fat YES to my self. Instead of it being a fuck you, it’s an “I honor you.”

Taking a fun mini-vacay this holiday weekend, and it feels extra good because I said YES to it and meant it. There’s no anxiety in going, as I will use my “yes’ and no’s’ “ to honor my self instead of fucking my self.

What have you said YES to recently, that was truly a NO in disguise?
*****PS You ALWAYS have the right to change your mind. You can change your answer to honor yourself at any time.

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The Best Way To Level UP

Which one do you want to be, smart or wise?

In my ten year entrepreneurial journey, I learned the best and easiest way to up level my business, is to learn from the mistakes that others have made before me.

We all make mistakes in business and in life, it’s a matter of what we do after making those mistakes that sets us apart. Do we brush it off or blame someone else, only to repeat that same mistake? Or do we assess how the mistake happened, and what we can do going forward to prevent it?

To create or grow your business at a faster pace, in a BIG way, requires a greater investment. Hiring a business coach who has already done and succeeded in business, who can show you great strategies and tips. Imagine how much time, energy, and money you can save by just avoiding one key business or marketing mistake!!!!

I love asking people about the biggest business mistakes they have made. I also respect when people ask me the same question. Mistakes are great lessons, whether we made them or someone else.

I prefer learn from those who are further down the road than me. As I like to make money the easy way 🤑.

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Take The Veil Off

The most stunning people, places, and things in life are UNFILTERED. 🌅 This is a glorious #unfiltered photo I took of the Malibu sunrise, en route to the airport.

As much as we all prefer filtered photos of ourselves, water to appear bluer, skin to appear smoother, our content to perfectly match our brand colors, and our cellulite to soften…truly the most vulnerable, raw, and authentic version of ourselves, and our surroundings is what allows us to build deeper connections to others and the Universe.

As you grow your business, remember people want to hire those they like, trust, and respect. It’s makes it difficult for people to develop a relationship with you (especially online), if your Instagram feed is always perfect, if your messages are always guarded, if the photos of you are always glamorous and filtered.

My loves, take the veil off sometimes and allow people to meet you, the real you, the incredibly imperfect you, and all of the basic unglamorous shit you do 90% of the time.

This builds trust with your current clients and potential customers. Plus when you share your truth, it helps others feel less alone, less lame and inadequate, and therefor more connected. That by itself is worth being vulnerable, at least for me.

💜, Tiffany

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Fridays As An Employee Vs. Entrepreneur

What my Friday’s looked like when I was an employee, versus now, as an entrepreneur.
When I was neck-deep in the corporate world as an employee, I counted the hours until Friday at 5pm. It felt like I could breathe again at that time, and be free to be me. I felt like an inmate (not that I would know) who was released for the weekend. Truly I was a prisoner. A self-imposed prisoner.

When we don’t follow our dreams and our passions, and just stay at a job or at a career for the money (my case), or for our parents, society, or out of fear, we lock our true spirit behind bars. Bars that only WE hold the key to.

Now Friday’s are like any other day to me. I set my own schedule; I manage my own time; I design my own life. I’m just as happy about a Friday as I am a Monday or a Wednesday. There is no dread, and there is no day of salvation (formally Friday’s at 5).

This freedom is possible for you too. Regardless if you have a fancy degree, whether you are 26 or 66, financial and mental freedom IS POSSIBLE.

If you want to #workfromanywhere and take the control back over your life, email or DM me. I select a handful of women every month to join my marketing team. I personally mentor each person in creating a plan to achieve your money and business goals. FOR FREE! Grab those keys and break yourself free.

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Wealth Building Tips From Tiff

One of the first major wealth building tips I share with my clients, is to ask questions, even if you think they are stupid or that you “should” know the answer.

I got over the fear of asking stupid questions, or looking stupid for not knowing, when I was a TV news reporter. In order to report the facts accurately for viewers, I couldn’t fake knowing something, I had to present the facts.

It was hard as hell at first, but after awhile it became second nature to ask even the most simple questions to people that may or may not have thought I was dumb. You see I didn’t have time to care, since my focus was on the news story (and my insane deadlines) not on my own ego.

To get good at anything, we have to ask lots of questions…money, wealth, and business are no different. Focus on the fact you are asking to achieve your end goal, this helps take some of the fear away.

We only know what we know; there are no “shoulds” when it comes to knowledge or skill set. We each have different strengths, this way we can learn from one another. Some of us learned about making and saving money from our parents, so there’s foundational knowledge. Some of us learned a poverty mentality from our parents, so starting with the basics is necessary.

Is the fear of not asking and staying “comfortable,” worth not learning how to reach your money goals?

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Acting “As If”

To be successful and wealthy, you must walk the walk, and talk the talk. Whether you are just starting your business, or are wanting to transition to a new career, or are 10-years into your entrepreneur life (like me!)….you still need to act “as if.”

Take action and carry yourself “as if” you are worth millions, as if you are the go-to expert in your field. I’m NOT suggesting for you to be fake. I’m saying present yourself at the level you wish to reach.

For example, when I was a TV journalist, I had to get that story within a few hours. I had to get the right people to talk to me on a tight deadline. I was only 20 years old. So green. When I approached people via phone or in person for an interview, I acted “as if” I was a well-seasoned journalist with decades of credibility. Not cocky (as that’s BS inauthentic energy) but confident.

I dressed the part, looked the part, showed up on time, and kept a calm cool demeanor, although I was nervous as hell on the inside.

So even if you don’t feel you are the cat’s pajamas 😹, which you are, act “as if” you have arrived.

This does a couple of things:

1. It puts people at ease, if you aren’t confident and collected, you will appear untrustworthy.
2. This acting as if, gives you a confidence boost. Psychologically, your mind and mood will believe what you feed it (good or bad).
3. Embodying what we desire in mind, body and spirit will ignite the manifestation process. You won’t likely become a leading expert, by sitting on your couch dreaming about your goals.

BTW, @projectme_with_tiffany is my second company. My true baby. So I’m practicing my own advice. I’m acting “as if” I’m the go-to expert and keynote speaker on educating and empowering women to be financially free, independent, and fierce.

Am I there yet? No, I just started my journey. However, I have clear proof that asking “as if” works. I would be crazy not to follow a proven concept.

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Are You Listening To Your Clients?

A former asshole boss of mine pointed out a HUGE mistake, that was preventing me from meeting my sales goals.

Of course he didn’t spare my feelings by presenting it delicately. I’m thrilled he didn’t, as I may not have heard him so clearly.

After a ride-along (something sales managers do in the pharmaceutical industry), my boss turned to me in the parking lot and said, “when all you do is talk, there is no way you are learning anything about your customer….plus it’s overwhelming and annoying.” 😳😳😳.

My lord, I felt so deflated, embarrassed, and stupid. I immediately understood his point, I just needed some time to soothe my broken ego.

It’s funny because as a TV journalist, I did little talking as my job was to ask questions and get the subject to talk. When I changed careers in to sales, for some reason I thought I was to do most of the talking. So I went back into my reporter mode, and the results were amazing.

My customers (all well-known doctors), became my friends, confided in me, shared their frustrations and needs. All because I shut the hell up, and allowed them the space to share. Plus I felt less exhausted as the end of the day. Doing all the taking, all the time is draining AF.

After my boss word-smacked me, I exceeded every sales goal to this very day.

Start asking your potential customers and current clients open ended questions. Not yes and no questions. Ask them: “how can I best meet your needs?” “What resources and materials do you value the most?” “What problem in your life, would you be thrilled to have solved?”

Then shut the hell up and allow them to answer. Even if there’s a looooong pause (these use to be so painful for me).

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Manifesting With Vision Boards

MAJOR proof that manifesting really does work! To be clear, my method of manifesting that I learned from the best teachers.

My primary vision board (on the left), is where I put #allthethings that I want to bring into my life quickly and easily. I updated this board approx 6 months prior to meeting my now fiancé, 1.5 years after I created this board, (he never saw this until recently when I hung these up at our new home) Mike proposed to me on the beaches of Turks and Caicos with a stunning ring 💍 in a little blue @tiffanyandco box. Yes, the ring is from there too, not just the box 😝.

Also, I made enough excess cash in my business to buy all of the rest of the items on my board and then some. My point in sharing this part of the story is to remind you that manifesting isn’t always literal. Also, I didn’t put a time frame on meeting my Mr. Right; I trusted the Universe’s timing and the “how.”

The board on the right right is focused on how I would feel having everything on the first vision board. 2 years after I updated this “feelings” board, we found a house that matched the exact vibe I manifested. I knew it the second I walked in the front door. On top of that, living with him is extremely chill, TRANQUIL, and relaxing. Something extremely vital to my soul and success.

Be sure to place your vision boards or board, somewhere high-vibe that you see many times per day. Each day I walked by mine, I would send a quick blessing to them, often showing a slight nod or a wink 😉. Symbolizing that I trusted and knew the Universe was working its magic to deliver all of this to me and then some.

Now it’s time to update my boards.@manifestationbabe has an interesting technique, to keep some things on your board that already manifested into your life. Reminding you that this works. I’m going to incorporate this suggestion 🙏.

We aren’t in control of the how or the timing. Just have faith that a power greater than you is creating your vision. Most often it shows up even better than what I manifested.

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