Acting “As If”

To be successful and wealthy, you must walk the walk, and talk the talk. Whether you are just starting your business, or are wanting to transition to a new career, or are 10-years into your entrepreneur life (like me!)….you still need to act “as if.”

Take action and carry yourself “as if” you are worth millions, as if you are the go-to expert in your field. I’m NOT suggesting for you to be fake. I’m saying present yourself at the level you wish to reach.

For example, when I was a TV journalist, I had to get that story within a few hours. I had to get the right people to talk to me on a tight deadline. I was only 20 years old. So green. When I approached people via phone or in person for an interview, I acted “as if” I was a well-seasoned journalist with decades of credibility. Not cocky (as that’s BS inauthentic energy) but confident.

I dressed the part, looked the part, showed up on time, and kept a calm cool demeanor, although I was nervous as hell on the inside.

So even if you don’t feel you are the cat’s pajamas 😹, which you are, act “as if” you have arrived.

This does a couple of things:

1. It puts people at ease, if you aren’t confident and collected, you will appear untrustworthy.
2. This acting as if, gives you a confidence boost. Psychologically, your mind and mood will believe what you feed it (good or bad).
3. Embodying what we desire in mind, body and spirit will ignite the manifestation process. You won’t likely become a leading expert, by sitting on your couch dreaming about your goals.

BTW, @projectme_with_tiffany is my second company. My true baby. So I’m practicing my own advice. I’m acting “as if” I’m the go-to expert and keynote speaker on educating and empowering women to be financially free, independent, and fierce.

Am I there yet? No, I just started my journey. However, I have clear proof that asking “as if” works. I would be crazy not to follow a proven concept.

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Are You Listening To Your Clients?

A former asshole boss of mine pointed out a HUGE mistake, that was preventing me from meeting my sales goals.

Of course he didn’t spare my feelings by presenting it delicately. I’m thrilled he didn’t, as I may not have heard him so clearly.

After a ride-along (something sales managers do in the pharmaceutical industry), my boss turned to me in the parking lot and said, “when all you do is talk, there is no way you are learning anything about your customer….plus it’s overwhelming and annoying.” 😳😳😳.

My lord, I felt so deflated, embarrassed, and stupid. I immediately understood his point, I just needed some time to soothe my broken ego.

It’s funny because as a TV journalist, I did little talking as my job was to ask questions and get the subject to talk. When I changed careers in to sales, for some reason I thought I was to do most of the talking. So I went back into my reporter mode, and the results were amazing.

My customers (all well-known doctors), became my friends, confided in me, shared their frustrations and needs. All because I shut the hell up, and allowed them the space to share. Plus I felt less exhausted as the end of the day. Doing all the taking, all the time is draining AF.

After my boss word-smacked me, I exceeded every sales goal to this very day.

Start asking your potential customers and current clients open ended questions. Not yes and no questions. Ask them: “how can I best meet your needs?” “What resources and materials do you value the most?” “What problem in your life, would you be thrilled to have solved?”

Then shut the hell up and allow them to answer. Even if there’s a looooong pause (these use to be so painful for me).

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Manifesting With Vision Boards

MAJOR proof that manifesting really does work! To be clear, my method of manifesting that I learned from the best teachers.

My primary vision board (on the left), is where I put #allthethings that I want to bring into my life quickly and easily. I updated this board approx 6 months prior to meeting my now fiancé, 1.5 years after I created this board, (he never saw this until recently when I hung these up at our new home) Mike proposed to me on the beaches of Turks and Caicos with a stunning ring 💍 in a little blue @tiffanyandco box. Yes, the ring is from there too, not just the box 😝.

Also, I made enough excess cash in my business to buy all of the rest of the items on my board and then some. My point in sharing this part of the story is to remind you that manifesting isn’t always literal. Also, I didn’t put a time frame on meeting my Mr. Right; I trusted the Universe’s timing and the “how.”

The board on the right right is focused on how I would feel having everything on the first vision board. 2 years after I updated this “feelings” board, we found a house that matched the exact vibe I manifested. I knew it the second I walked in the front door. On top of that, living with him is extremely chill, TRANQUIL, and relaxing. Something extremely vital to my soul and success.

Be sure to place your vision boards or board, somewhere high-vibe that you see many times per day. Each day I walked by mine, I would send a quick blessing to them, often showing a slight nod or a wink 😉. Symbolizing that I trusted and knew the Universe was working its magic to deliver all of this to me and then some.

Now it’s time to update my boards.@manifestationbabe has an interesting technique, to keep some things on your board that already manifested into your life. Reminding you that this works. I’m going to incorporate this suggestion 🙏.

We aren’t in control of the how or the timing. Just have faith that a power greater than you is creating your vision. Most often it shows up even better than what I manifested.

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Change Is Necessary For Growth

We so often want to feel and look differently. We want to have more money, more fun, a better job, a different career, a better partner…BUT what have you done differently to get a different outcome?

“Tiffany I started eating better this week;” “I signed up for your ProjectME mentorship;” “I started saving money two months ago.” I hear these painful statements all week long. Taking new action and changing your ways is exactly what must happen to get a different result. However, so is long-term consistency.

Just because you ate healthy all week or even all month, won’t reverse diabetes or even change your dress size. Nor will saying money for a few months get you out of debt. These changes in behavior and habits need to be long-term, lifetime changes, to reap the results.

There are a lot of “get results fast” 💩 marketing campaigns out there, targeting the millions of people who want to undo years of self-limiting behaviors/habits in 30 days. THEY DON’T WORK. They just make people who sell it, a shit-ton of money, while leaving you defeated.

If you want massive results, then massive change is required. You can build up to that, versus shocking your system and your life. I would rather see you taking small steps every day towards new self-empowering behavior; this has a much higher chance of you sticking with it and reaching your goals.

Patience my loves. Transformation takes time + consistency. It’s totally worth it!

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Wednesday Wisdom: Procrastination

We have something important to discuss on Wednesday Wisdom with Tiff. Something that is a dirty little secret most entrepreneurs and successful people don’t discuss, as there’s a sense of shame around this behavior.

The behavior I’m referring to is PROCRASTINATION.

✋ Hi I’m Tiffany and I struggle with procrastination. There I said it!

I work with and I’m friends with many 6 and 7 figure earners, who are top in their field, who struggle with procrastinating. It wasn’t until I became vulnerable and shared my personal struggle with them, that they opened up and shared their own issues with procrastinating. So first off, just know you are not alone, and this behavior can be managed.

The 3 P’s: Perfection, Procrastination, Paralysis.

WHY do so many of us do this stressful behavior? Experts say it boils down to perfectionism. We want to do everything right and perfect; when there’s a lot of tasks to do, that becomes overwhelming AF. This cues the Paralysis. Also shows up as “writers’ block,” “brain fog,” “mentally exhausted,” “spaced out.” I used all of these terms, until I recently learned what they are code for. We get so overwhelmed, that we basically freeze.

I’m dedicating a ProjectME podcast (launching soon) to this topic, as we need to bring procrastination out of the dark. I believe the negative stigma around the behavior creates shame, which only keeps us in Paralysis.

So just for today, know that you are not alone; you are not lazy or incompetent or whatever crap thing you tell yourself when you’re frustrated with this tricky behavior. Often times “good is good enough,” for many tasks. Trying to accomplish everything at 1000% is totally unrealistic, and it doesn’t work.

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Rest is Required

Rest is required to sustain life and vitality. Even the most energetic and driven people MUST rest. You can’t buy your way out of unplugging, sleeping, or caring for your body. Those who dare to try are met with huge consequences. I know, I was one of those people who “didn’t have time to rest.”

If we don’t honor ourselves in human form and the beautiful miraculous bodies we have, the Universe will force us to rest and nurture ourselves eventually. None of us are superhuman and above needing regular tune-ups and TLC (my initials, making my story even more obnoxious). In fact, the higher performing you are, the more tune-ups and TLC you require to avoid total burnout, breakdown, or worse irreversible health issues.

My fiancé Mike is a high-performance luxury car designer. He says, “the higher performing the car, the more maintenance, time, and attention it requires.”

What’s interesting and sad, is I find the highest performing people, take the least amount of time for rest and recovery. Their own inner driver to succeed actually sabotages them. Once again, that was me.

If you want to accomplish BIG things, you must put self-care at the top of your to-do list. I always thought if I did this, I would fall behind. It’s the exact opposite. Putting my self-care as my #1 is allowing me to soar.

Wishing you wealth, health, and worth, always.

💜, Tiffany

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Saturday Success Tip With Tiff!


Here it is!

99% of businesses and people have competitors initially, and 100% indefinitely. Dig in and discover what sets you and/or your business apart from the pack. I recommend doing this exercise for both yourself (as you are your own unique brand) and for your business (if you have one or want to start one).

In my experience, question prompts help most people find clear answers, as it can be different from “self-brag.” Here are some to get you started:
1️⃣ Why should someone work with you over the hundreds of other qualified people?
2️⃣ What drove you to enter this niche or career?
3️⃣ What are the 3 most common things customers, bosses, and co-workers say about you?
4️⃣ Who is your ideal customer? The type of person you would love to help times a million of them, and WHY?
5️⃣ What is the biggest frustration in your market niche and/or industry? How do you aim to fix it?

Screenshot these questions or copy and paste them into your “notes” app (if it lets you). If you’re old school, break out your journal and answer away.

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Manifesting My Dreams at 19

How manifesting and deliberate action landed me in the city I dreamed of making my home since I was 13 years old.
I get goosebumps just thinking about it. Fun fact, when I was in middle school, I was a model (certainly not a famous one). A gig took me and my mom from Chicago (my hometown) to Los Angeles when I was 13. Driving down the street, seeing all of the grand palm trees 🌴, I said to my self, “I’m moving here one day.”
There wasn’t one day that went by, that I didn’t daydream about my life in Los Angeles. I wore Cali surf brands like Body Glove, highlighted my hair with Sun-In, cut out photos from Teen Magazine and made collages (having no idea they were vision boards). I didn’t wonder if I would live in LA someday, I knew I would.
How the Universe works to manifest our dreams is incredible. Out of all of the colleges I applied to, got accepted at, rejected from, and visited…I ended up at Emerson College in Boston (a well-known school for TV, film, and journalism). Clear across the country from LA! I was accepted at Pepperdine in Malibu, but I still was drawn to choose Emerson. I still knew I would live in LA someday.
Without knowing it, after choosing Emerson (truly Emerson chose me), they have an LA Program where if accepted you get to live in Burbank near the TV studios, and work as an intern in the biz. I knew that was happening, and it did. At 19, I was living in LA!!!!
Manifesting works as long as we are taking the guided actions that work in precision with our dreams. You don’t need to know how it will happen as @manifestationbabe teaches; you just need to know for certain that it will.

What are you manifesting today?

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The Reality of Entrepreneur Life

LET’S GET REAL, the entrepreneur life, the life of a wealthy person, successful person, executive, boss babe, is about 10% glamorous and fabulous, 70% basic and tedious, and 20% a crazy shit-show. Most people are only sharing that 10% on social because quite frankly those moments make great photo ops and inspire people to go after their dreams.

The issue with only showing the glam is people may be inspired to take those first steps to follow their dream career or starting their dream business, BUT, it won’t stick. 98% of people quit or get stuck as soon as they hit their first few roadblocks.

I believe if you knew what roadblocks you were likely to face and have a game plan to overcome them, it wouldn’t be so shocking and discouraging when they pop up, WHICH THEY WILL. Even the top in their field who are worth hundreds of millions, still face giant obstacles. Look at Tony Robbins’ latest bad press on the #metoo movement, or go follow Gary Vay-Ner-Chuk (@garyvee) who is open about the obstacles he faces with his 250 million dollar empire.

My mission with ProjectME is to empower women to go after their dreams through education, wealth-building strategy, and mentorship. I would be doing you a dis-service if I just empowered you without educating you on things that are new to you, that I’m a proven expert in. It would be a set-up for initial excitement and action, that would likely end in an ugly crash and burn. WE DONT WANT THAT DO WE?!

Going after your dream life is 100000% worth it, and it’s a roller-coaster ride. You wouldn’t want to go on a giant roller-coaster alone, would you? 🎢 YOU CAN ABSOLUTELY DO THIS, just not alone or without proper guidance and strategy.

Remember if being wealthy, healthy, and empowered was simple #1, it would be boring, and #2, there would far more millionaires than < 2% of the population!

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If You’re Looking For A Sign THIS Is It!

If you are waiting for a “sign,” an answer, help, validation, encouragement; my loves, HERE IT IS!

I decided to make my message straight-forward and clear, as this is the core mission and process of ProjectME. My goal is to help millions of women create their Most Exceptional life, guilt-free and empowered.

This doesn’t happen in a week or even a month, this is a process, and I can only help the willing. You need to be willing to consider operating differently, thinking differently, and communicating differently to find your Most Exceptional you, to have your Most Exceptional life. This all begins with you believing you are worth it! Worth the time, energy, and commitment to focus on your beautiful self. To put YOU first for once in your life.

This didn’t used to be me. I felt worthless, hopeless, depressed, frustrated, anxious, scared, angry, exhausted, and lost. I created ProjectME to be the guide, the mentor, the messenger I wish I had when I was the walking dead. I promise you, there is a different way to operate and live. If I got there, I know you can if you are open, willing, and ready. If you are still reading this post at this point, it’s a pretty good sign that you are ready.

There is no quick fix on creating the Most Exceptional version of you, it’s a process I designed with ease, balance and grace. We no longer need to push, force, stress, and hustle our way into our best selves and best life. We can do this with a clear, direct and loving approach. Please tag or privately share this page with a friend who is looking for a new way, or to be inspired through self-empowerment.

… Look forward to being on this journey with you.

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