I have something really embarrassing and kinda silly to share with you ?.

See the beautiful @waterfordcrystal dolphin ? glass I’m holding ever so delicately?

My mom gave me these maaaaany years ago as a congratulations gift for landing my first paid on-air TV news reporting job @nbcnews. She knows I have a love for dolphins ? (obsession back then-almost even got the popular hip tattoo ?), and my drink of choice in my 20s was white wine.

So emotionally these glasses are extremely sentimental to me. Once she explained the quality, luxury, and cost of this crystal…I quickly put them all back into their fancy boxes and hid them in my closet.

You are probably wondering, “ok so where’s the embarrassing and silly part of the story?”

It took me 5 years to actually display these glasses, and 17 plus years to dare pour wine and drink from one of them!!!! This photo from last night, is the first time I used these gorgeous pieces of art.

I’ve been at a financial place in my life for 15 years, where I could buy these glasses and even fancier ones, over and over again. So it wasn’t about how much they were worth, it was about my own worth. So what changed last night….

I read a post from one of my fav writers @thechampagnediet and the Universe said in a ‘crystal’ ? clear voice, “Tiffany go pour some @santamargheritawines Pinot Grigio into your beloved dolphin glasses, IT’S TIME and long overdue.”

I know to always listen when the Universe speaks…so I did. Maaaan did it feel good to sip from my special glasses, overlooking my beautiful backyard and pool, that I own, that I earned, that I manifested, that I helped make happen. CHEERS ?!

Tell me, what are you “afraid” of using? Is it your only designer purse? Is it your fav lipstick color that has been discontinued? Is it your new luxury car? Is it your favorite jacket?
You deserve to use it, enjoy it, feel special, and fancy AF. If you break it, stain it, or wear it out, then guess what? You get to experience something new and exciting.