This is Your Blessing, Your Awakening

”Often times our lives have to come crashing down, for us to wake the FUCK up.”
Guys, I can’t even tell you how true this is for me and literally everyone I’ve worked with over the years.
It’s nearly impossible to see when your life feels like it’s falling apart. I’m here to tell you, your life is now finally coming together.
I went from a life of self-destruction, chaos, pain, drama, in which I had no idea how to escape. I thought it was the cards I was dealt from the Universe.
Then the powers at be showed me their true plan for me, by making everything I was unhealthily attached to get ripped away of me. OMFG talk about intense pain, fear, anxiety, depression!!!!
As I let those low-vibe people, places, and things go…new, fresh, high-vibe, healthy, awesome, people, places, things, and opportunities walked into my life.
I share more of my story on ProjectME the Podcast (launching June 13th). In the meantime, I want for any of you who is going through the shit storm right now, to know this is your BIGGEST blessing in disguise.
Share this post, with someone you know who’s life is spinning right now. Although I didn’t always believe people who told me, “this is your blessing, your awakening,” at the time, it did plant a seed of hope that I desperately needed.
Remember, we don’t awaken into our best selves through joy, it happens once we emerge out of the deep pain 🙏💜.

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No One Is Immune To Set-Backs

The shit that happens when you are building an empire, can be so frustrating that I just start laughing in disbelief.

ProjectME with Tiffany is my second company, and my most passionate endeavor. It’s an accumulation of my knowledge, strategies, tips, experiences, mistakes, and successes all packaged into one business. Despite having built and leading a 7-figure company, that doesn’t allow me to avoid the drama of up leveling my business and life.

I had some crazy shit happen today, that has never happened in my looooong career (and I’ve had a lot of stuff happen). At first I was furious, like “how dare they…how rude…how unprofessional,” then after a couple hours, I started laughing. WTF where did I get the idea that just because of my length of time and success in business, that I Tiffany, will now be immune to setbacks, unprofessional people, and pure craziness?

We don’t pay our dues to the point where business is now smooth sailing. In fact, as we up level, the shit that happens gets bigger and crazier. When we play it small, the issues that arise are small in relation. When we step out of our comfort zone to create BIG things, BIG issues will surface. I just needed to remind my self of one of my own lessons today.

So whatever stage you are at in building your empire, remember, there will be shit days, challenges, set backs, and crazy people. BUT, there will be more kick-ass days, big wins, awesome clients, and huge checks. You can’t have one without the other….even @oprah and @tonyrobbins experience all of the above. It’s just part of what we signed up for as dream makers.

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Say Goodbye To Toxic People



When we have toxic people in our lives, it drains our energy (hence why they call them “energy vampires”), our vitality, our creativity, our drive, and often times our bank accounts.

You can’t reach financial success easily, when you have people weighing you down. Trust me, I lived this way most of my life. I made a lot of money, but I also lost 75% of it because of toxic people. I was making money the hard way, the exhausting way, filled with resentment, fear, and anxiety.

To help you attract your high-vibe tribe of people, I highly recommend you read @loriharder’s new best seller #atribecalledbliss. SHE NAILS IT! No I’m not being paid to promote her book.

Chose today that you deserve to ONLY have genuine, supportive, and empowering people in your life. I promise you, it will be one of the best decisions of your life!

💜, Tiffany

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From Employee to Entrepreneur

It was 10 years ago that I decided to stop being an employee and become an entrepreneur.

WOW was I scared, more like terrified, but I knew I had to do it. Climbing the corporate ladder was sucking my soul dry. Did I just up and quit my high-paying job? Ummmmm no, I’m waaaay too much of a Virgo to do that! Plus, I believe transitioning into entrepreneurship is far more financially practical and less scary.

The first 2 years of running my own business were rough. Many hiccups, lessons to learn, and looooong hours at my computer. Even after months of working 16-hour days, I was so much happier and felt truly empowered.

All of those lessons, tips, hacks, solutions, and strategies I’ve crafted and refined over the last 10 years can now be used to teach all of you. I want to show you how to make money with ease. How you can be financially independent and wealthy without such a struggle.

I learned all of those uncomfortable and sometimes incredibly painful lessons, so that you don’t have to. I didn’t have a business/money mentor or a coach (it wasn’t really a “thing” back then)…aside from reading personal development books. Much of what I learned was by doing, trying, experimenting, failing, succeeding, on repeat.

My goal is to be the mentor I wish I had, by providing massive value through education, empowering stories, and proven strategies. I want as many women as possible to make money on their own terms, and doing what they love 🙏💜.

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We All Have a Story

What I loved most about being a television news anchor and reporter was hearing everyone’s story. I loved asking people both unique and simple questions, and never knowing what to expect them to say. In my 4 years at Emerson College as a journalism major, and 4 years at NBC, CBS, and E! News, I got the privilege to interview thousands of people from all walks of life, from celebrities to farmers, to a former President of the United States, to gang members, to single moms barely scraping by.

The one thing in common with all of them (aside from basic human functions), is that we all have a story, that’s filled with pain, joy, and everything in between.

There’s no amount of money, fame, or power to avoid having shit happen in your life. Whether you chose to stay small “safe” and hide or chose to play it BIG and go after your dreams, shit will happen either way. I promise you. Life isn’t meant to be all stress-free and easy. It is meant to be messy at times, and down-right blissful at times. Without those crappy times, we wouldn’t be able to experience the blissful times.

I leave you with one of my favorite questions to ask people: what are you avoiding doing in your life, in an effort to
Trust me, we all have an answer here, as I’ve been asking this question to thousands of people for more than 20 years!!! (Although I didn’t ask former President Bush Jr. this question, as I was too afraid at the time, I did ask several celebrities…yes they all had an answer.).

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When the going gets tough…


When everything seems to be so hard, so much work, and not much fun, we can easily lose sight of why we decided to go after our dreams in the first place.

This feeling of discontent and dissatisfaction is a sign that we have lost contact with our higher selves and our higher power. The good news is with a little effort and a heaping spoonful of surrender, we can get back into alignment.

I tend to land in this negative space when I’m trying to do too much out of a space of forcing and pushing, which is fear. I want my dream business to manifest quickly and I start thinking I can control that by frantically taking action. The action is great but not when it’s centered on fear.

Thankfully my body sends me clear warning signs (me getting sick) and thankfully I can recognize them and make necessary adjustments. This wasn’t always the case. I still slip into that fear mode, especially when I’m up leveling. That’s OK, I’m only human. Plus I get to share these nuggets of wisdom with all of you, which I pray will help you catch yourself too. Catching yourself is a far better outcome than quitting. 💜, Tiffany

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The Reality of Being a #GirlBoss Entrepreneur



☝️☝️What most people think entrepreneurship or girl bossing looks like on the daily. I don’t blame any of you for thinking it sounds glamorous, sexy, fun, relatively easy, and exciting, as that’s what most boss babes show on social media. I’m here to both teach you and tell you the real deal behind the scenes.

I started my first company 10 years ago (a Marketing/Sales, Public Relations firm). It was scary AF, exciting, empowering, and I was fueled with adrenaline for a solid year. After many mistakes, learning curves, and engaging with some dishonest people, the rose-colored glasses (AKA beer goggles) came off. Sitting in my office at my first big executive desk, I held my head in my hands, thinking 🤔 “holy shit what did I get my self into?!” At this point in starting a business, a new career, or even a relationship for that matter, 95% of people will give up, quit, or self-sabotage. A true leader, entrepreneur, empowered woman doesn’t ever see quitting as an option. That doesn’t mean I wasn’t feeling frustrated, frazzled, stuck, a bit lost, and scared. I was feeling all of that and then some.

Each month and each year I got smarter and more efficient at running my business. Over the last 10 years I’ve had glamorous moments of being paid to speak to thousands of people, being flown first class on international trips to consult for high profile companies, and succeeded in closing an 8 figure business deal! However, there we far more bloopers than highlights and a ton of “basic” days built in.

If you have the inner strength and that deep inner drive to thrive, you have a great shot of creating a successful business/career. I’m far from Ms Positive Polly, so a positive attitude is far less important than believing you will find a way and figure it out. Please don’t try to attempt any of this alone, that’s a set up for failure and burnout. Find a mentor, even a digital one. Preferably someone who has been in the game for many years, versus someone who’s had a good 3-year run. DM me with any questions.😊

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My Favorite F Word



Those of you who know me realize my favorite F word is Fuck, but a close second is Forgiveness. I gotta say it’s easier to fuck than forgive. But seriously, forgiving yourself and others will lift a mountain of stress off of you. The catch is that it isn’t always easy to do. Then again is anything easy that has a huge payoff?

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Yes, it is all about me!

So for once, you take time for yourself, you say no without some lengthy excuse, you tend to your needs over someone else’s and you get the response “it’s all about you isn’t it!” Or one of the hundreds of versions of this shaming and shitty line. Does this sound familiar to you?
Typically, immediately proceeding this “dig” some guilt arises. “Oh well maybe I should go, I don’t want to let anyone down…I’m probably being selfish.” Well FUCK THAT, I’m here to assure you with 100% confidence that putting the focus on you and your needs is the most loving, caring and honorable thing you can do for you and others. Many in your life won’t like it, especially if they are use to you catering to their needs over your own. Either they will grow to accept it and respect it or you will need to disconnect it.
Just for today, put the focus on you. Whether that means canceling plans or taking a nap versus cooking everyone dinner for the 5th night this week, experiment and witness your reaction and those around you.
Spoiler alert! If you aren’t use to putting you first, this will most likely feel odd, strange, uncomfortable, guilt ridden, etc…. BUT that’s the first step. You can’t get to where Im at (see 👆image in post) without walking or crawling (as I did) through the uncomfortable feelings.
I promise you the short term discomfort is worth it for a lifetime of how I genuinely feel today. Unapologetically yes, it is all about me! If you have an issue with that, get on board or peace ✌ out.
👇Comment below on what thoughts/feelings come up for you even thinking about honoring you above all else.
🙏Blessed to be on this journey with you.

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