“YOU, are the Most Exceptional project of your entire life!” How well is that project being cared for?

Where on your priority list does this Most Exceptional project sit? If it’s not in the # 1 spot, it’s waaaaay to low.

The rest of your life will only be as good, as fulfilling, and as together, as you are. Not your kids, not your career, not your car, not your clean home, or your significant other.

It all starts with us. If we are a mess, then likely our lives are a mess. If we are unhappy, everyone in our lives is being affected by it whether they voice it or not. If we put ourselves last and ignore our self-care, eventually there will be nothing left for us to give, to the point where many people end up dead.

I created ProjectME with Tiffany Carter as a platform, a brand, a podcast, and a community to help as many people as possible create the WEALTH and WORTH (self-worth) they desire and deserve.

Showing you how to put you first, your desires first, your wellbeing first, through enlightening courses and lessons, empowering messages, and engaging with you 24/7 through my social channels, my podcast, and website.

It is ALL ABOUT YOU! What’s one thing you are going to do to honor yourself on this Sunday?