“If you know a belief is destructive, then why are you obeying it?”

This is said with love to all of you reading this…I’m sharing this with you, to show you how sneaky and cunning our limiting beliefs can be.

If you are scrolling through social or the web, or listening to a podcast (hopefully mine ?) and you start thinking things like, “I’ll never be as successful as ______.” “How did they create a 6 or 7 figure business, they must be really smart, I wish I was that talented.” “OMG _____ has 50k followers and they just started their business 2 years ago, I’ve been in here 5 years and I only have a couple thousand, what’s wrong with me?”

Do any of the above sound familiar? ?‍♀️?‍♂️

You know these thoughts are negative, counter productive, and if someone else spoke to you that way, it would be considered verbal and emotional abuse!!!!! YET, many of those beliefs end up being “obeyed.”

Once we say these shitty things to ourselves, if we don’t quickly reframe that thought or belief, we end up acting as if it’s a fact.

We end up feeling defeated, deflated, and therefor engage in destructive behavior like giving up on our dreams, procrastinating (AKA avoiding action), not signing up for that course or class, putting that personal development book back on the shelf, and so on.

My beautiful, powerful souls, YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES to be successful. It’s within you, or you wouldn’t be walking around on this planet.

You just get in your own way….we all do at times. A success mindset or a money mindset, is to catch yourself when those thoughts come up, and reframe them before they turn into beliefs.

I am here to help guide you. Share your limiting belief below (or DM me), and I will reframe it for you.

I had and have several incredibly patient mentors/coaches who do this for me when I’m stuck.

Please allow me to do this for you ??, Tiffany.