To Create Your Own Magic Requires Two Powerful Ingredients.
DREAM: You must give yourself permission to dream without judgment or fear.
This winter wonderland luxury trip I took was something I dreamed of when I came across gorgeous photos of this castle ? surrounded by snow, Christmas decor on every street, complete with European charm…right here in North America.

I KNEW I HAD TO TAKE THIS TRIP! So I added it to my vision board and my routine manifestation practices. One year later…THERE I WAS ❤️!!!

BELIEVE: You must believe you deserve the very thing/experience/person that you are dreaming of or it won’t come to life.

This is where I used to get stuck.

You see I didn’t believe deep down that I deserved to live out my luxurious dreams with ease and joy. Therefore, I may have achieved my dreams, but they came with a huge price, which sucked away all of the joy.

My ProjectME Posse….you deserve to have it all, even if your dreams may seem childish or ridiculous, they are yours, and you have them for a special reason.

Tell me a dream of yours below ? in comments that you want to achieve in 2021! It’s only a few months away!