Surround yourself with the people, places, and things you want to attract into your life.

Whatever and whomever we are consistently exposed to, we become.

If you want to up level your life, your bank account, and your mood, you must immerse yourself in experiences and things that match this new and much improved level.

Even if you aren’t making 6 or 7 figures YET, you can still experience what it will feel like and look like when you do.

You can take $10, go to a beautiful resort, hotel, or restaurant with a spectacular view, and sit for an hour or two having a coffee…Experience what it feels like to have a more luxurious life. OR….

If you’re further along on the wealth path, go charter that boat you want to buy someday…go to the multi-million dollar open houses with stunning ocean views (like I’m doing today), and picture yourself living in that home.

Designing and manifesting your Most Exceptional life is so fun! What are you going to do this week that’s NEXT LEVEL? ????.