My longtime nickname in the business world is Backup Plan Tiff.

I earned this title by always having a plan B and C, in case the shit breaks, the client barks, or someone on the team is having a bad day (me included).

This savvy strategy of mine has given me the reputation of being reliable and resourceful, even under the craziest of circumstances.

Here’s how I come up with back up plans:
1. My team and I create the ideal business plan. How we ideally want everything to go.
2. Then I present a “what if” scenario…”what if we launch this new program or product, and the server crashes or there’s a bug in the software?
3. Then we creatively come up with our action plan IF that happens.
4. Then I open the floor for the team to share their “what if’s” that are circling their minds (no matter how crazy they seem—this part always makes us laugh). We pick the next most possible mishap, and create a plan C around it.
5. We all then instantly feel a sense of relief, just knowing that we planned for the worst, but still expect and hope for the best.