OK so we invest thousands of dollars per year on our looks. Everything from skin care, to hair, to brows, to makeup, to clothes, to nails and beyond. YET when an opportunity is presented to people to up level their lives, their business, their mindset, resistance comes up.

I mean WTF!!!!!!

It happens to me, too. I’m talking to all of us right now, including myself. In my first company, my public relations/social media business, I have a lot of clients in the skin care world. It’s a fact that people who make less than 50k per year spend more on skin/beauty products and services than the wealthy. This proves that people will find the cash, to pay for what’s important and a priority to them.

Wouldn’t creating our Most Exceptional life be our #1 priority?! Yet most of our spending habits and actions, don’t match our deepest desires.

In starting my second company @projectme_with_tiffany, I have struggled with clicking that “pay” button, even though I know from my 10 years as an entrepreneur, that you must invest in your business for it to come to life and thrive. I mean, I have concrete proof that it’s a necessary strategy. Yet, it’s a no-brainer for me to plop down $500 for Botox.

Next time a limiting thought ? comes up that you don’t have enough money to invest in starting or up leveling your business, look and see how you can reallocate your spending from other areas in your life. You can have the funds to invest and still get weird about it, like I do. If this is you, ask yourself, “why am I resisting bringing my life and business to the next level?” “What am I afraid will or won’t happen if I invest this money?”

Get real with your fears and resistance, and ask, “is this true?” 99.9% of the time, the shit our minds create is a big fat lie.

Then guys…click the “pay” button anyway. If you have done your research, and feel strongly called to hire the coach/mentor, buy the course, attend the event, sign-up and show up as your glorious, passionate, driven for greatness selves.