You are a human being not a human doing. I used to have this backwards, and assessed my day and my worth based on how much I accomplished. Sound familiar????

This is soooo common, especially among women who have big dreams and goals they want to accomplish (like yesterday). Plus we have added responsibilities and pressures that get piled on, if we allow them to, like cooking for the family, grocery shopping, being a taxi-Mom, managing schedules, plus all of the beauty things we girls do to stay looking great.

Instead of judging our day by how much we got done. How about reviewing our day by how we feel? To expect ourselves to be high performers everyday is unrealistic, and will lead to burn out and even sickness (I was the lucky winner of both).

Remember doing nothing IS DOING SOMETHING. In fact, something extremely important…self-care, recharging, dreaming, unplugging, listening, and just being still are all important practices to achieving and maintaining success.

I had to learn this the hard way, so that I could teach all of you a better, easier, healthier, and more enjoyable way to achieve your wildest dreams. You are great whether you did 100 things or 1.

?, Tiffany