Want to know the BIGGEST way most people sabotage their success?

In one word….EXPECTATIONS. Here’s how:
So we work towards a goal, let’s say its to bring in an additional 5k a month (insert whatever number resonates with your current money goals). So that’s 60k for the year.

We do everything in our power to reach this goal, the digital marketing, the customer nurturing, the admin work, our own money mindset work, manifesting practices, hire extra help, #allthethings

Now let’s say we are half way through the year, and we asses our progress. We have made 18k at the 6 month mark. NOW WE ARE PISSED ?. WE ARE FRUSTRATED, SCARED, DISCOURAGED, AND FEELING DEFEATED.

Why? We made 18k so that’s 3k a month, and there’s still 6 more months to go. BECAUSE, we had EXPECTATIONS that at the very least by the 6 month mark we would be much closer to our 5k/month goal.

Now we have taken a huge ? shit on our amazing progress. Our focus is now on defeat, fear, disappointment, and that remaining 12k that we didn’t make.

Now our energy is low, our vibe is negative, our mindset is in the trash…therefor our actions and behaviors follow. We start blowing off tasks, procrastinating, coming across low vibe to our customers (even if we think we are faking it ok)…THEN after another month, we only bring in an additional 1k. Cue the line “SEE I KNEW THIS WASNT GOING THE WAY I WANTED.”

Here’s the ProjectME way, the millionaire mindset way of thinking ?:
– at 6 months we are at 18k at 3k/month. This is great, our efforts and strategy are working. We are more than halfway to our goal 5k a month. Let’s get the team together (or if it’s a solo goal, yourself together) and further refine our strategy to crush this additional 60k of revenue for the year.


We set these secret silent expectations on how we want and feel things should go, and when they don’t it spins us waaaaaay off course into “broke ass” land.

It’s good to have hopes and educated predictions (Like the stock market), but to EXPECT something you don’t have 100% control over (which is almost nothing) is a success sabotaging behavior.